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Hot Tubs

One of the most difficult things about owning a hot tub is that you need to periodically drain and clean it,  and constantly manage the pH and sanitation levels of the water. Because it’s such a daunting task, many people wonder how necessary it is to keep your hot tub clean. This article aims to highlight all the reasons you should focus on cleaning your hot tub and maintaining the standards that experts recommend.

Hot Tub Water Gets Re-Used A Lot

Even if you have the best inflatable hot tub, or an inground unit, the water in your hot tub stays in there for a long time. This means that you aren’t using fresh, new, water everytime that you are taking a dip in the tub. Whatever contaminants get into the water will stay there until the water is drained out and the tub is cleaned.

The High Temperature Is The Perfect Environment For Microbial Growth

Not only will contaminants stay in the water, but the temperature of most hot tubs encourages bacterial growth at a faster rate. This means that even if it is a small amount of contaminant, it will be able to reach dangerously high levels very quickly. This could cause a variety of different infections in your skin, eyes, or even respiratory and digestive systems. 

pH Levels Are Important for A Variety Of Reasons

You may feel annoyed by having to check the pH levels of your hot tub water after every use and adjusting accordingly. However, maintaining a neutral pH level is essential to avoid encouraging microbial growth. Also, spending a long time in highly acidic or basic water can be seriously harmful for your skin and eyes. Also, the pH levels are important in allowing the sanitizer to work properly. Unbalanced pH can also be corrosive to the filtration system and heating element.

Draining Is Inevitable

If you think that adding the appropriate chemical sanitizers and maintaining the pH level perfectly is enough, you’d be mistaken. Eventually, the amount of added chemicals dissolved in the water would be too much. Most experts recommend that you drain your hot tub at least once a season (once every three months). This also gives you the opportunity to thoroughly clean the tub walls. If you don’t, a film may develop on the surface of the walls which could harbor harmful bacteria that has the potential to be extremely hazardous to your health. 


At the end of the day, owning a hot tub also involves maintaining its sanitation and cleaning it properly. If you do not think that you are up to the task, make sure you have the means to hire someone to handle it. There is no way of enjoying a hot tub without maintaining its cleanliness. If it’s too much to handle, consider getting a regular bathtub with air jets for a roughly similar experience. Note that it may not be the most eco-friendly solution though. So to answer the question, yes. Cleaning a hot tub is a necessary task.

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