Hoover Air Steerable UH72400

Hoover Air Steerable UH72400

March 2, 2021 0 By Anonymus

This vacuum cleaner from Hoover is pretty powerful and equipped with WindTunnel technology. This technology allows it to lift all types of debris and dust with ease. It also does that on multiple surfaces, so if you have both carpeted and hard floors, you will really enjoy your cleaning job with this vacuum. 

The good thing is that this vacuum comes with a bagless design and doesn’t need any batteries to run. This means that you can carry on with your cleaning job until it’s finished without the fear of running out of power.

As we have mentioned that this vacuum allows you to shift from carpet to hard floors in no time, you can do so with just a click of a button. Though the vacuum does not show exceptional results when it comes to cleaning carpets, we think the results are better than some of the top brands out there. If you have plenty of crevices and design on your floor, you will love this vacuum because it comes with a separate tool to fulfill this objective.


  • Pet hair (4.5 out of 5)

Do you love pets but hate cleaning their hairs? Here is the Hoover vacuum that ideally cleans the pet hairs. In the construction of the Hoover UH72400 vacuum, the company uses multiple technologies that deliver a better cleaning. These technologies include HEPA media filter, AllergenBlock, and three WindTunnel technologies. 

Generally, home with pets and children requires effective cleaning, and it offers an excellent cleaning experience to you. Additionally, AllergenBlock technology prevents dirt, pollen particles, dust, pet dander, and others from re-entering the air. Therefore, the performance of the Hoover vacuum in the category of collecting pet hair is 4.5 out of 5.       

  • Carpet (4 out of 5)

Do you have carpets in your home and looking for the best carpet cleaner? Then, we recommend the Hoover vacuum cleaner that is equipped with multi-Brushroll and especially designed to clean rugs and carpets. Furthermore, these brushes deeply clean the embedded dirt and debris from them. There are also no adjustments available for cleaning carpets.  

Alternatively, carpets come with two kinds such as short pile and long pile. Keep one thing in your mind that Hoover vacuum is ideal for short-pile carpets. For the reason that the multiple Brushroll sometimes does not deliver effective cleaning as it shows on a short pile. Therefore, we are going to give 4 out of 5 stars for its performance.       

  • Hard floor (4 out of 5)

Hoover air steerable vacuum is ideal for cleaning the hardwood floor as well as tiles floor. It has multiple technologies that collect the dirt. Apart from those technologies, the WindTunnel technology produces three channels of suction power. For the reason that it removes and lifts surface debris, particles, and dirt deeply. 

Additionally, you can also use it to clear the dust from the ceiling, curtains, and walls. You can also purchase it for your office and garages. The maximum suction power always gives you great cleaning. It also offers a wider cleaning path that cleans the targeted area quickly. As a result, the performance of the Hoover vacuum in terms of performance gets 4 out of 5 stars.

General Specifications

Let us begin Hoover uh72400 review with some general specifications!

  • General Specs 

The type of the Hoover UH72400 vacuum is upright that is lighter as well as easier to carry. The upright vacuums have great maneuverability. The premium quality hose cleans stairs and other places where it is hard to reach. 

Moreover, you can use Hoover air steerable bagless upright vacuum to clean debris and dust behind and under furniture. Additionally, you can also use it to suck the particles from drapes, upholstery, blinds and more.   

Hoover air steerable vacuum is the lightweight option for you. The dimension of the vacuum is 13.5-inch x 11.3-inch x 37-inch, and weight is 13.4 lbs along with tools and wand. Therefore, you can easily carry with across stairs and further barriers.   

Additionally, Hoover air steerable vacuum suck-ups the dirt and dust from multiple floors such as hard or carpet. The best thing about the Hoover vacuum is that you can lift it with wind and other tools because it is the lightweight option for you.     

  • Suction Power

If you are looking for a cleaner with maximum power suction, then Hoover WindTunnel air steerable upright vacuum is ideal for you. The manufacturer uses WindTunnel technology to construct it that has three channels of suction. The vacuum works with the three channels of WindTunnel technology that creates three channels of suction. 

In addition, these channels remove and lift embedded and deep down dirt under the furniture with multiple suction. Furthermore, many other vacuums offer two cyclones cleaning, whereas Hoover cleaner was designed with eight cyclones. Consequently, the filters are clean, and you do not drop suction over time.      

If you are finding those vacuums that come with adjustable power, then you need to purchase Hoover UH7240 vacuum. It has electrical and adjustable power. The company manufactured vacuum with cyclone design. 

Hoover vacuum is equipped with more than eight cyclones that clear the dust and dirt from multiple surfaces. Those surfaces include hardwood floor, carpets, curtains, walls, ceilings, and others. These cyclones prevent the filters from clogging as well as keep the air flowing in a better way.   

  • Noise level

Multiple brands offer enhanced vacuum but some of them producing very annoying sound. Many of you also did not like those sounds. What about you, are you also preferred quiet cleaning? We recommend you to choose HooverUH72400 vacuum that is much quiet vacuum. 

The noise level of the Hoover vacuum is 69 dB that does not produce sound while working. Therefore, you can use it in your office or garage because its sound did not disturb the others. Apart from that, it also cleans multiple floors in an effective way, and no additional effort is required to operate it.   

  • Bagged/Bagless

Hoover HU7400 upright vacuum is the bagless model. Besides that, many other brands manufacture vacuum cleaners with a bag that is an additional cost. However, on the other side, Hoover bagless vacuum is a long term saving product for you.

The biggest drawback of bagged vacuums is that it stuck when the bag fills with debris, but in the bagless vacuum, you just need to empty debris and dust on-demand only. Additionally, the cleanliness and maintenance of the bagless vacuum are also easy.        

  • Dustbin capacity

If you are searching for large dust container, then Hoover air steerable vacuum is not a good option for you. It has quite a small bin for an upright type of vacuum and Hoover UH72400 comes with 1200 ml dustbin capacity. However, you can clean the dustbin with only one push button that makes it easy to maintain and clean.      


The company manufactured the bagless and corded vacuum with multi-cyclone design. Let us have a look at the Hoover vacuum design with more detail.   

  • Cord and Hose length 

Hoover air steerable UH72400 vacuum comes with 30 ft cord. This cord length is more than enough and longs for multiple household chores. It does a tremendous job to clean everything from every surface. Nevertheless, you need to plug it into a socket for a power source as well as adjust the tools for the desired cleaning. Additionally, Hoover UH72400 vacuum does not give you a cord rewind feature. 

Alternatively, corded vacuums have stronger and maximum suction power and deliver a better result. They used enhanced motor technology and lithium battery with a high voltage. However, keep one thing in our mind; few brands that offer you maximum suction power with corded vacuums as well.        

Generally, hoses are used to extend the length of the wand. You have to plug the hose into a specified hole. The hose length of Hoover bagless vacuum is 12 ft. however, it is necessary to plug it out after use, and that is a hectic job for you. Sometimes, the plug-in and plug-out hose make the cleaning situation more awkward.    

This hose length is suitable for those places where it is hard to reach, and you can say high traffic areas. It clears the room effortlessly while pickups the debris, dirt, and other particles.     

  • Stick length

Hoover air steerable UH72400 vacuum comes with 31.1 ft stick length. This length is ideal for cleaning the ceiling, walls, and curtains. Additionally, you can also clear dust, dirt, debris, and other particles around the corner. This portable vacuum enhances maneuverability and allows you to move it room to room easily.  

Many people are looking for a vacuum that offers long stick length along with steerable technology. In this post, you are searching ends, and we recommend you to purchase Hoover lightweight and corded vacuum because it offers, a long stick for proper cleaning as well as it cleans under furniture with zero effort.  

  • Motorized Brushroll

Hoover WindTunnel air steerable upright vacuum offers you motorized multi-Brushroll. It makes cleaning more convenient for you. It picks up the dirt, debris, and other tiny particles. Additionally, you can use it on every surface such as carpets, hardwood floors, and others. Apart from that, these motorized Brushroll does not require extra effort.       

  • Brushes

Are you looking for a cleaner for your rugs, hard floor, and carpets? Well, that is great, we will recommend you to purchase Hoover air steerable UH72400 vacuum for your home. For the reason that Hoover manufactured the UH72400 vacuum with multiple brush rolls and you can turn on and off as your requirements. 

Moreover, Brushroll has embedded into the vacuum that makes every cleaning a precision cleaning. If you are using a vacuum for the rug, just turn on the multiple Brushroll for convenient cleaning. Besides that, there is no need to turn it on for cleaning your hardwood floors.      

  • Cleaning path

The company presented the Hoover vacuum that gives a great cleaning experience on every surface. Except cleaning, you can clean a specific area rapidly because it offers a wider cleaning path. It cleans 12.5 ft area at once. Furthermore, it also pickups pet dander, dust, pollen particles, dirt, and much more.      

You can use the Hoover vacuum in small-sized to medium-sized spaces. Although these spaces include home, office, and garages, let us clear one thing that if you are living in a large home, then it takes much time to clean the home.   

  • Filtration

Are you suffering from Asthma or dust allergy? Have you considered buying a vacuum that can extract 99.97% of dust, debris, dirt, and pollens that causes allergy and breathing problems?

The company uses the premium quality HEPA media filter in Hoover air steerable UH72400 vacuum. HEPA filter collects 99.97% of dust, debris, dirt, and multiple pollens below to 0.3 microns. Additionally, the filter is reusable, and you can rinse it with water after use. On the other hand, the multi-cyclonic design also keeps the filter more cleans for further use.  

Moreover, the company also uses AllergenBlock technology that gives you pure and dirt-free environment. Consequently, it prevents dirt, pet dander, pollen particles, dust, and others from re-entering in the air. The HEPA filter works on level two, whereas AllergenBlock technology works on level three and delivers great cleaning.         

  • Tools

Hoover UH72400 vacuum only offers only two additional tools and accessories. These include extension Wand & Crevice 2-in-1 tool. Definitely, these are worthy but additionally, tools always enhance the usability of the product. The 2-in-1 accessory includes a dusting tool that sucks the dust under the furniture. Except this, a crevice tool is for crevices and cracks.    

Other Features

  • Multi-floor cleaning

Do you have carpet and hard floors and want a cleaning tool for both? Then, there is a need to purchase Hoover air steerable UH72400 vacuum. It offers multi-floor cleaning in a convenient way. Additionally, it offers easy transitions from hard floors to carpet and vice versa. This lightweight and corded vacuum provide comfortable cleaning experience on multiple surfaces. 

You may don’t like to walk over the bare floor in winters but your kids may like tiled floors. In the same way, you may prefer carpeting in your bedroom but your kids don’t. So if you have carpet, hardwood floors as well as the tiled floor in the same house then it’s time to choose Hoover vacuum to get the multi-floor cleaning done with a single machine.       

  • Steerable technology   

Hoover WindTunnel upright vacuum is lightweight, easy to maneuver, which allows you to move it from one room to another without the need to bend your back. Now, if you’re an old age or if you’re suffering from back pain then surely you’ll appreciate steerable technology. Apart from that, it is also maneuvering around corners, furniture, and other tight places somewhere; it is hard to reach. 

You can also use it in your garage or office. Furthermore, if you want to clean your home ceiling, walls, fans, and blinds, then, Hoover UH72400 should be in your home. In some situations, it is hard to clear the dust from under the bed for this vacuum fulfilled your need.  

  • Dusting Mode

The Hoover vacuum comes with dusting mode that allows you to choose the mode as you wish. If you have carpet in your room, then you can turn on the multi-Brushroll option. This option provides extra cleaning while picking up the dirt and dust from the carpet. 

If you have a hardwood floor, then there is no need to use Brushroll option. You are able to clean the dust, debris, and other particles without turning on Brushroll. Moreover, the availability of dusting mode enhances the usability of the vacuum.      

Final Thoughts

We would highly recommend this cleaner if you want a solid vacuum cleaner with exceptional suction power. But besides that, there is not much on offer here. This vacuum doesn’t come with any additional accessories or tools apart from the crevice tool. And if you don’t have many crevices or designs in your flooring, then this tool will also become almost useless for you. 

Apart from that, despite all the might when it comes to suction power, the cleaner is not effective on carpets. It does handle the pet hair very well so if you have pets in your home, then this will be a good choice for you. But if you have more carpeted floors than hard floors, just forget about buying this vacuum. 

The cleaner does have a very good suction power with its WindTunnel 3 feature though, and it will be a very good purchase for you if you have hard floors. The cleaning of the filters is no trouble at all too. Overall, it is a reliable product for hard floor cleaning. 

Besides all, customer services are also very appreciate-able; you can take services whenever you have any trouble. Additionally, the vacuum comes with a manual from where you can learn the installation and other methods.

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