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Hobs vs Counter Top Gas Stoves – Pros & Cons

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Hobs vs Counter Top Gas Stoves

Going for hobs or Counter Top Gas Stoves is a very distinct situation, but every time you need to focus on what really works for you and what delivers the best value. The truth is that investing in both of them can be a really good idea. It all comes down to what you need right now and what offers the right quality and value. With that in mind, here you have a list of pros and cons for each one.

Hobs pros and cons

The modern hobs are designed to be very dependable and reliable. They managed to expand and become a lot better over the years, which is amazing. They are also offering lots of steel or glass surfaces, and all of them are easy to maintain. On top of that, you have an automatic ignition feature. Stuff like this makes it a very good pick, and the results can be very impressive thanks to that. Plus, anyone can start using it without worrying about any downsides. Looking for the best price on 4 burner gas hobs in Sri Lanka, check out bestbargains.lk.

At the same time, the hob is fitted at the counter level, so it doesn’t really protrude. That means it’s going to work exactly as you would expect, and the quality itself is second to none and incredibly impressive no matter the situation. That’s what really makes it different here.

You can also adjust the cooking temperature and the burner design delivers uniform heating. You will also notice that the hob edges are fitted to offer seamless results, and the experience is very impressive and incredibly rewarding. At the same time, some of these products even have a safety feature that stops the gas supply in case there are any issues. This, combined with other safety features show that using these products is very safe and dependable, which is exactly what you need to keep in mind in a situation like this.

Obviously, there are some downsides too. For example, since it’s at a lower level, when compared to Counter Top Gas Stoves, it’s easier to reach by kids, so you have to supervise them. On top of that, you need to plan the location properly and that can take a bit of time until you figure everything out. In case you spill any liquid on the countertop, you have to realize it gets into the burner and the hob, which is not ok at all.

Counter Top Gas Stoves pros and cons

The amazing thing about Counter Top Gas Stoves is that these are very easy to use and they come as a single unit. You have a very good quality and value, and the attention to detail is second to none here. To make things even better, there are safety features built in, all of which add up to convey a very good experience and quality. This is also one of those things that can make a huge difference all the time. That’s what makes it well worth the effort no matter the situation.

On top of that, you get heating quickly, and you can use it for simmering, searing, grilling and so on. In addition, you have direct temperature control, which does make this more versatile and dependable. Cleaning is also really simple, and you will find it to be a pleasure to do, which is great to consider.

There are downsides too. Due to the materials, it can easily scratch and that becomes a problem for a lot of people. It’s also possible to deal with some ventilation problems, which is not exactly ideal. You also need to keep in mind the fact that the burner light might be hard to turn on at times. Plus, in general it’s harder to fit Counter Top Gas Stoves, to the point where you need to hire a professional. That’s not going to be simple to do and it leads to additional costs.


It’s important to know the pros and cons of hobs and Counter Top Gas Stoves if you want to have the best possible results and experience. It does take a bit to adapt and figure out what works for you, but results can be great and it all comes down to what you need. For the most part, both hobs and Counter Top Gas Stoves are ideal for cooking, you just have to narrow down the features you want and the style of stove you want. In the end, they are both a great pick, and it’s a matter of personal preference.

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