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The Etsy fees calculator is designed to help you calculate fees associated with selling your handmade items on Etsy. By entering the details of your store – such as item descriptions and images, listings formats, and listing categories – this calculator will give you a sense of how much you can expect to earn each month after all expenses have been subtracted.

Etsy fees are one of the most confusing aspects of selling online. The fees you pay are based on the total dollar amount of your sales, not on the number of items you sell. Here’s everything you need to know about Etsy fees calculator.

 When calculating your fees, it’s important to understand that there are two major categories: sales and order value.

Sale Category: Your total sale amount is taken from the top line in your listing and is given a fixed fee percentage based on what it will cost your buyers to purchase an item from you (your listing price). You can adjust this percentage as needed, but it’s important to keep in mind that any increase or decrease in this category will result in a change in your total fees paid per item sold.

Order Value Category: Your order value is determined by multiplying all individual items’ prices by their own sales percentages (i.e., $1 per item sold). This will give you a total “order value” for each individual item that is then multiplied by the sale percentage of each individual item (e.g., $100 x 1% = $1).

How to calculate your Etsy fees:

Etsy fees are calculated based on the amount of items you sell, the number of listings you have, and your location. Fee calculations are broken down into two main categories: monthly and yearly.

Monthly fee calculator:

The monthly fee is a flat rate that’s charged every month. If you sell one item per month, then your fee will be $0.20 per item sold. If you sell more than one, then this amount will increase proportionally — so if you sell 5 items per month, then your monthly fee would be $0.40 per item sold. You can also enter other numbers in the table below to see how they affect your monthly fee calculation.

Yearly fee calculator:

If you have more than one listing (e.g., one Etsy shop and another Etsy shop), then Etsy will calculate fees based on whether or not they’re related (e.g., if both shops have the same owner). In this case, we’ll use the annual fee rather than monthly because it’s easier to understand what it means if we think about it over time instead of just looking at a single month’s worth of data in isolation.

Etsy Selling Fees Explained:

 How much does Etsy charge? The fee for a listing on Etsy is variable, depending on the size of your item (the larger it is, the more it costs) and how long you have been selling on Etsy. The average listing on Etsy sells for about $15 USD, but if you’re just starting out and are selling smaller items or handmade items that aren’t very popular, you’ll pay less.


If you want to sell a lot of items on Etsy, there’s a way to get around paying the fees: promote your etsy shop through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. By getting more exposure for your business through these platforms, you can lower your monthly fees and increase sales volume at the same time!

The price to sell on Etsy is calculated as a percentage of your item’s final sale price. The percentage varies depending on what category you’re selling in and how many sales you make per month.

Costs to Sell on Etsy

How much does it cost to sell on Etsy? There are a few things to consider when you’re deciding how much to charge for your products. If you have a handmade item, the cost of materials can affect your profit margins. You should also consider how many items you sell each month and whether you want to share the commission with other people on your team (such as an assistant).

Here’s what I’ve learned about selling on Etsy:

Selling on Etsy is a great way to connect with your customers, sell products, and make money. You can list your items for sale, and set the price of each product. You’ll need to create a store account before you can sell items through Etsy, but the process is quick and easy.

To get started selling on Etsy, you’ll need an Etsy seller account. The first step is to choose a username that includes your business name or brand name (e.g., “pandoras-on-etsy”). Then you’ll need to create a payment method for buyers who purchase from your shop.

Once you’re ready to begin selling, head over to your shop’s home page and click on “Sell” in the upper right corner of the screen. This will take you to an area where you’ll be able to enter information about what products are available for sale in your shop, how much each product costs (e.g., $10), and other details about each product (e.g., dimensions).

The average profit margin on handmade items is around 14%. This means that if you sell an item with a retail price of $20 and make $10 per sale, then your profit is $14. This varies depending on several factors:

When your item sells: If someone buys your item right away, they get that their purchase will likely be paid off quickly — so they’ll probably pay less than what they would have paid had they held onto it for long enough to make back its cost through resale. But if someone buys it in the future, that’s great news because this means there’s more demand for whatever else you sell!


We have summarized all the information you will need to know about Etsy fees calculator in this article. Be sure to check out our suggestions and recommendations, as they will help you reduce your Etsy selling fees. Doing so will earn you more money, which is a win-win for both you and Etsy. The last thing we want is for you to pay unnecessary fees without even knowing about it! So make sure to read all of our tips before proceeding with your next sale.

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