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Although electronic commerce has grown a lot in the last decade, there is still a part of people who seek greater security in Internet transactions. If you want your products or services to reach everyone, it is important that you take this desire into account and that you implement adapted payment systems, such as accepting virtual cards.

Electronic commerce has experienced very sustained growth

Although these data are usually published with quite a delay, if you are interested in knowing what is the evolution of electronic commerce in the UK, I recommend that you look in detail at one of the publications of the National Commission of Markets and Competition, a quarterly document called Report on electronic commerce in the UK through means of payment entities. It is an interesting publication because it shows the sustained growth of online transactions, in addition to analyzing the main products and services.

Secure payment systems

As you said before, some people prefer not to use their bank cards in online transactions for security reasons. For them, some very interesting services allow you to pay without risk, such as the prepaid cards offered by different companies. The principle is very simple: the user buys single-use cards for a given value and spends them in online stores or services that support the service. Everything works with unique codes.

You should integrate these systems on your website

It is recommended that you look at the possibility of including these secure payment systems within the payment methods of your page, simply because in this way you will reach more potential buyers since you will simplify their lives by providing more service and added value in their purchases. You can do this by reaching the Paypound merchant account. You already know that adding value is a fundamental thing in any business, and there are many small ways to do it, that when added, they become a successful strategy. Just mail at or call at +44 800 832 1733 to get you to worry free on this point of payment options.

Will the bills disappear?

Finally, a reflection. In reality, bills and coins have long since ceased to have prominence. The money went digital even before e-commerce became so successful. Does that mean that the Royal Mint has its days numbered? At the moment I do not think so, although the time could come when digital systems and electronic wallets will definitely supplant paper money. That probably won’t happen tomorrow or the day after.

Optimize your strategy to maximize sales

For anyone with a website, click-to-visit rates are huge. There is no use getting thousands of visits to your page if later nobody buys anything. For a significant percentage of your audience to end up buying your products, you will have to work in two directions:

  1. Make sure that you have developed a positioning and promotion strategy that captures people who are really interested in your product. Let me give you an example. Imagine that your activity is to offer your services to process business activity licenses. If you position yourself for the term “activity license”, it is most likely that a significant number of visits are actually only looking for general information on the subject. If instead, you position yourself by “Valladolid activity license”, then it is quite likely that the visitors are looking to process the license in your city and may require your services.
  2. Optimize the web to close sales. It is essential not to let the client escape, and for that, you have to put large buttons, minimize screen changes, have everything in view without forcing him to use the mouse to scroll down and test the designs and colours that get the most conversion. That is a continual improvement task.

There are only 4 recommendations, but I think they are very important for the success of your online project. Do not hesitate to apply them.


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