Sat. Sep 30th, 2023
Hair Fall

Men, Women, and even kids at some point get affected by hair fall. Thinning and shredding of hair can be very stress full. Some natural hair fall control tips that are necessary for healthy hair growth are mentioned below. Let’s look at these remedies:

1. Homemade hair oils

Oiling is essential for hair growth. But, just like our body, hair requires proper nourishment as well.  Oiling provides your hair and scalp with the right nourishment, gives you stronger, frizz-free hair, and reduces hair fall. You can make your hair oil at home by using natural ingredients. For example, curry leaves hair oil. Curry leaves are a wonderful ingredient for your hair as they are loaded with Vitamin C, Phosphorus, and Nicotine. To prepare this oil:

  • Heat some coconut oil in a bowl.
  • Add a few curry leaves and heat the mixture properly till you see black residue.
  • Allow the oil to cool down and use it as natural hair oil.

Onion hair oil, Hibiscus hair oil, and others are also effective and can be similar.

2. Keep the scalp clean and moisturized

Just like your face, your scalp secretes oil or sebum that keeps your scalp moisturized. But excess sebum can cause dandruff. Also, with time dirt, pollutants, and hair products build up on your scalp and block the hair follicles. Regular washing with shampoo keeps your scalp clean. Use a conditioner after shampoo to moisturize your hair as a shampoo may cause drying.

3. Protein Diet

Your hair is made up of a natural protein called Keratin. Protein is essential for the strengthening and growth of your hair. Hair fall can occur due to a lack of protein. Take in enough protein through your daily diet. Food items such as eggs, nuts, pulses, leafy vegetables, etc., are rich protein sources.

4. Reduce stress

Stress is the enemy of your skin and hair. Stress full situations can trigger hair fall. Over time hair follicles become weak and fall out easily with combing or even touching. Hectic and Urban lifestyles make it hard for people to relax and calm down their minds. To counteract stress and stop hair fall, try tips for hair fall control such as meditation, yoga, and regular exercise.

5. Meditation or yoga

Yoga helps your body, mind, and soul to remain healthy and fit. It can even help reduce hair fall; that’s why Yoga for Hair Fall Control has become popular worldwide due to its amazing results. Yoga asanas increase hair growth and thickness and also cerculateflow of blood and oxygen to the scalp. Pranayama or breathing exercises eliminate toxins from the body, and meditation help to distress and calm the mind. 

Hair fall can occur due to certain medical conditions or can be hereditary as well. If your hair keeps on shedding for long, then do visit a doctor and get proper treatment.

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