Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
Mental Health

At times, you can find that life can get hectic. It can get so busy that you forget to focus on what is important in your life, and that is you and your mental health. If you fail to prioritize your mental health, you may find the effects worsen over time. You may also find that poor mental health will affect how you feel, how you act, and even what you do. Before any of this happens, you need to be proactive, and you need to take a step back and look at what habits you may have that may be playing havoc on your mental health.

Stress at Work

First, you need to look at your job or your place of work. Are you happy with your role – do you feel valued and appreciated? Are you getting on okay with other colleagues and workers? You spend a great deal of your time at work, and you must enjoy your work, or else it can begin to take a toll on you. When your days are filled with dread and anxiety, you will start to feel bitter, which can trigger a downward spiral in your mental health. So, take a good long look at your job and your place of work. What are you getting back, and is it enough to keep you happy and satisfied?

Too Much Time on Social Media

How much of your day are you spending scrolling and swiping on various social media sites? Realistically, you probably already know that the answer is too much. When you are keeping up to date with world news, celebrities, and family and friends, it can be hard to see how social media affects mental health, but when you scratch the surface and dig a little deeper, what do you find? You will begin to see how overuse and overconsumption can negatively impact you, often without warning. Cutting back or detoxing completely from social media is often called for. Dragging yourself away from constantly checking social media pages and sites can be difficult, but the results will be tangible and real.

The Relationships and Friendships That You Keep

Who is currently around you, and what are you giving and getting from them? It can be hard to see how things could be better if you are surrounded by negative and toxic people (in relationships or friendships). However, when you step outside of these toxic situations, you can see that the manipulation, the added stress, and even the added anxiety can take a toll on your mental health. When you are changing who you are to fit in with others, or you are doing things that go against your morals or beliefs, you are picking away at your mental health and setting yourself up for a downward spiral in the future. Cutting out negative people and eliminating bad friendships and relationships is crucial to strong mental health and wellbeing.


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