A Complete Guide to Prevent Online Scams

January 21, 2021 0 By Tech Junkie

Approximately 300,000 complaints register every year about the online scams. Both adults and kids should learn what online scams are and how to stay active against such issues. We learn the tricks of hackers, but they come back with the more smartness and in different ways.

An average online user can’t get an idea if the advertisement is real or fake because many hackers stay behind the ads and trap the users with their clicks. Using android spy app can solve the attacker issues and let you know about online threats.

Here, We Will Discuss Recent Top 5 Online Scams That Will Help You to Stay Safe.

1 – Fake Photos for Online Dating 

A recent trend of scam is through the dating apps. Many victims claim how they got in serious relationship but it end-up with losing money. How It Happens?

Hackers or cybercriminals use dating apps to target victims. They start a relationship with a user, exchange the numbers very soon. They also start to share their emotional stories to get the financial support or the failed business stress to borrow some money. Such online criminals often ask intimate photos. This process is known as catfishing.

2 – Advertisement for Charity 

Hackers play with the disasters’ photos to get the sympathy of the people. Of course, online users want to help the poor, but they have no idea about the hackers’ tricks.

Ensure the affiliation facts what a site represent because they receive money not for the poor but for themselves. You can also check the site design and the layout to confirm the reliability of the site.

The other way to ensure is to research about the site and its services.

3 – Online Lottery Scams to Get Banking Details 

Have you ever received the email about the winning voucher?

9 in 10 Online users receive fake lottery emails.

What’s the reason behind?

It is the hackers’ trick to get the details of the bank or credit card. Once they get the information, they can also you to send money for release the winning amount. But they go disappear when you send the money. So, never be a victim but avoid such emails.

4 – Attractive Salary Offers While Sitting Home

While visiting any random site, have you ever noticed the Ads for earning smart money?

Yes, this is also a trick.

The other way is to get the job offer from your area. But after the task, you get paid the more money that the employer offered. When you asked, he/she can ask you to resend. After that, both will disappear your money and the employer. When you ask to check the difference, be sure that you are involved in a scam.

5 – Calls to Fix PC Issues

People often receive phone calls to fix PC issues or increase the internet speed.

The next step involves the email that a receiver needs to download (remote access tool). After the installation, the hacker gets access to your computer and get all the data from your computer. So, never fall for such calls.

Detect threats & Protect Loved Ones

Android spy app is the best way to check if you receive any scam email or message. Many advance featured tools send the notification to the user and share about the potential dangers.

The best spy apps for android will also help the users to check if their loved ones face any online scam. You can access their devices remotely with the third-party app and block the unwanted callers or delete the scam emails.


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