Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

All “best of all time” entries, even if they pertain best online casinosor real-money e-gaming, or music or even cars, generate some debate. Isn’t it true that the globe will be a dull place if everybody shared viewpoints? Still, these mass opinions can always be taken into account to create listings such as this one, of the most renowned boxers to ever grace the ring!


Michael Spinks

Michael Spinks, nicknamed “Jinx”, is regarded among the finest light heavyweights overall, having won grand slams in both the light heavyweight and lineal heavyweight divisions through 1983 to 1985, then 985 to 1988.

Andre Ward

Andre Ward, who claimed many world titles across both mega middleweight and light heavyweight, is one fighter who departed unbeaten. Ward was voted Fighter of the Decade by Sports Illustrated in January 2020.

Muhamad Ali

Ali, beyond the rest, surpassed the sport and is considered by most to be the greatest athlete of the twentieth century.  For a heavyweight, his agility and elegance in the arena were just a wonderful site. Though he eventually slowed, he would have the tenacity to face up to great throwers like George Foreman, Joe Frazier, and Ken Norton throughout the 1970s.

Henry Armstrong

Armstrong is still the one boxer to retain world titles in three weight classes at the same time.  He clinched the featherweight championship in October 1937, then the welterweight championship for May 1938, as well as the lightweight championship three months on in an era with just a single world champion and eight weight groupings.

Sugar Ray Robinson

Sugar Ray Robinson, named Walker Smith, was to be the greatest arena fighter of all time, capturing world championships in welterweight then middleweight that australian casino players. In a match contested with such high heat even with the ref being changed within 10th round, he lost by decision to Joey Maxim for the world light-heavyweight championship.



While some may put up arguments for the greats of today’s boxing world to also be in this selection, the above are seen to be notably revolutionary to boxing culture at large. Their presence alone siphoned millions in otherwise disenfranchised arenas that we know now.

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