Top 10 Google Cardboard Apps to Download in 2019

Top 10 Google Cardboard Apps to Download in 2019

September 10, 2019 0 By Sourabh Bisht

Have you ever try to watch an actual solar eclipse, volcano, deep oceans bed, etc without doing moderate damage to your retina you need special eye protection to properly see these things. There are a few different ways to watch there thing with realistic experience such as virtual reality setup, Oculus Rift gear, virtual reality capturing camera, etc. However, none of them can even come close to the affordability and practicality of Google Cardboard.

Best Google Cardboard apps

Do you ever wanted to try virtual reality yourself but can’t afford. So, Google cardboard is for you. Google Cardboard is a cheap and easy to use device which is easy to assemble and provide good virtual reality experience. you can find many best google cardboard apps in the market. The best part of this platform is that users can build their viewer by either using simple low-cost components by following simple instruction by Google manual or purchase a pre-manufactured Google cardboard produce by Google.

These best Google Cardboard apps are surely not the perfect solution for best VR cardboard apps instead of its low-cost, and easy accessibility. There are many devices which do not work properly with Google Cardboard. There are many issues such as Lack of content and low resolutions apps, internal memory, low-quality displays, low processing power, and outdated processors with the best google cardboard apps.

Virtual reality has a potential future and there are many best google cardboard apps for Google Cardboard. And there will be many more apps for google cardboard in future with great potential.

Here are our pick for some of the best Google Cardboard apps

 YouTube (iPhone/Android)

Best Google Cardboard apps

This is one of the best apps to use with google cardboard and you already know what YouTube does. Having the ability to browse through their extensive video library and find the content that’s right for you. It is one of the largest sources of Virtual Reality content on the Internet.

There is nothing you can’t find in this platform such as music, nature, gameplays, live stream, cooking lessons, educational video, and trailers of the favorite and latest movies.

It’s one of the best google cardboard apps iPhone you must have. Designed to work with all major Android-supported VR headsets are one of the main reasons for its success.

It’s been one of the few platforms where VR has taken off YouTube is free for most of its features. But buying a monthly subscription you can avoid watching add and can access to limited access content from the creator. So overall there are no other best cardboard apps with so many users as youtube.

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Netflix (iPhone/Android)

Best Google Cardboard apps

Netflix is a movies & series provider giant and considered one of the most popular best google cardboard apps. It has launched its own VR version for watching movies, series and their original content. While the app has some polishing to do, we think it’s an experience worth trying. You get two viewing modes with this app. The first is a rustic living room experience and offers a static view of your media content. The second, avoid experience immerses you in your TV or movie by moving the content to match your eye movement.

It reaches more countries, making it easier for more users to access more content. As more the user more content is made for the demand which contains virtual reality content thus making it one of the best virtual reality cardboard apps.

Download the app Netflix

 Expeditions (iPhone/Android)

best apps to use with google cardboard

There are no other best cardboard apps to show off the potential of virtual reality apps than an expedition. The app is fairly easy to use and completely free. Students and educators around the world use Expeditions to explore virtually recorded landmarks across the globe. You must try this Google cardboard app for android.

The app lets you share making it perfect for classroom groups as the student can explore, join, guide, connect properly. There are over 900 different tours containing cities, mountain ranges, ocean bed, museums and many more. Expeditions is an education-oriented app to check out various destinations, landmarks, landforms, waterscapes, and tons of other places.

There is a 360-degree mode so you can see complete view a person can standing at one place. It has only one drawback that Expeditions occasionally suffers from connection errors. otherwise this app best Google cardboard app by Google.

Download the app expeditions.

VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360 (Android)

best google cardboard apps 2019

VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360 gives you the ultimate real-life roller coasters experience with virtual reality. It is one of the most thrilling google cardboard apps androids. It’s one probably of the best-supported VR games in the Play Store with more than 10 million installations. Player experience real-life roller coasters, thanks to pre-recorded 360 videos The game is optimized for Google Cardboard in case you have a device without any gyroscope sensor you can tilt your head left or right to rotate views. You can play some of the best arcade games ever made for android using this app.

So, why bother going out when you can get your thrills indoors by this best VR game for android. If you like a thrilling ride then you should try out this best google cardboard apps for free in play store.

Download the App VR Thrills:

Google Street View (iPhone/Android)

best google cardboard apps android

Google Street View is a part of Google Maps which support VR content. It provided 360-degree views of various roads, addresses, landmarks, and other places. With the VR update, now you can look at all of the stuff out there.

You can view content posted by other people and provide your content and create memories. That’s a fun way to experience the world and probably one the best way to experience Google Street View by sharing information, creating maps of places that is available on the map. Thus make this app best google cardboard app by Google.

Download the app Google Street View:

InCell VR (iPhone/Android)

best google cardboard apps

If you are looking for iPhone apps for google cardboard, this one’s for you. InCell VR is an educational-themed game with action/racing for those who want to learn a bit about the human body. this VR game is designed for cardboard but you can play fine without a headset by holding your finger down on the screen to switch non-VR mode. The player takes the role of a human defender and shrunken down to fit inside the human body. Your role is to travel around the body while fighting off the flu virus and learning some human biology.

Overall this game is the best Google cardboard app with stunning graphics and clean gameplay which take you to whole new experience and worth every minute spend on a game.

Download the app In Cell VR:

Full drive VR (Android)

best google cardboard apps iphone

If you’re looking for a best Google cardboard apps that can offer you everything from web browsing to photo storage then Full-drive VR is the app you need. You can watch millions of YouTube videos through the app as part of a 360 3D or VR experience.

It provides you with its own VR store and you take 360-degree photos and videos by the app’s VR camera. It is also a social media platform that allows following another person you can watch together react and comment on your favorite videos. It also provides VR store, launcher, and streaming services.

The app works with any Android-capable headset including Oculus and Daydream. And the best part is you can access the entire internet. As full drive’s content is user-supplied, it may contain mature and adult content. If you want to access the internet virtually than this is the best cardboard app for you. It counts as the best google cardboard apps iPhone.

Download the app Full Drive VR:

Discovery VR for Cardboard (iPhone/Android)

Discovery VR is the official app from the well-known discovery channel which is famous for providing content via TV. This app is available on various platforms like App Store, Google Play, Gear VR, Daydream, and the HTC Vive, and the quality of each video is stunning and mesmerizing.

Discovery VR provides a new opportunity to tell these amazing stories experiences like never before. It provides Exclusive content from your favorite shows like Shark Week, Deadliest Catch, MythBusters, mountain biking, surfing and, of course, rollercoasters.

This apps for google cardboard provide everything from the beautiful scenery to a haunted house visit to the most extreme of nature that comes from across the globe. Discovery VR is one of the best apps to use with google cardboard.

Download the app Discovery VR

Titans of Space (Android)

best google cardboard apps iphone

Titans of Space is one of the best cardboard apps that gives short virtual reality tour where you were guided to our solar system and several other stars. Titans of Space shrinks the space objects to make them easy to understand and compare them with real objects which makes the space-traveling both entertaining and educational. The soundtrack follows your tour and helps to understand you more deeply into infinite outer space world of the titan of space.

Titans of Space delivers visual satisfaction at the same time While it’s not a realistic view of space but still one of the most impressive pieces of Gear VR content available at the moment.

Titans of space are free to install and use, Bear in mind that this application takes a significant amount of storage and device power. But worth every storage space as it provides one of the best VR experience thus making it the best apps for google cardboard apps. If you are a space fanatic, it is one of the best VR cardboard apps.

Download the Titans of Space

Google Arts & Culture (iPhone/android)

best vr cardboard apps

Google Arts & Culture contain the worlds of art, science, history, and travel, that you can access at your fingertips. It lets you and nearby art collections, museums and cultural events around you .user can also take a selfie and compare your face to images from great works of art available on the internet, you can also find information about artists, museums, historical figures, places, and historic events. you can save your favorite items or share them on social media,

You can visit place to place or can experience world heritage sites through 360-degree video recordings. Google also partnered with cultural organizations countries like India, France, the United Kingdom, and the Czech Republic. There are options to zoom in for a closer look and factual tidbits in case you want to learn more. Overall this is the best google cardboard apps in the Play store.

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Final Words

I hope the article helps. Let us know about your experience with these apps in the comment box below. This was all about the best Google Cardboard apps.

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