Sat. Sep 30th, 2023
Glitter nail art

The magnetic optical glitter produced by galglitter uses imported film as the base material, which has good solvent resistance and can be used in organic and inorganic solvents, such as esters, ketones, alcohol, water, etc. Also, in terms of temperature resistance, the maximum use temperature is 180 degrees. Good solvent resistance and temperature resistance make it better combined with UV glue to make various kinds of nail art with a nail drying phototherapy machine.

Magnetic laser cat eye nail art

Mix glitter with nail polish and apply evenly on nails (the ratio of magnetic glitter is 0.3-10%, depending on the desired magnetic effect and optical color effect), then gently push the nail polish around the undried nail with the help of a magnetic stick, you can get 3D effects such as aperture and cat eye. Under the sunlight is the shimmering of light, like broken diamonds, like stars, like rainbows. In the soft light environment indoors, there is a cool metallic shine, sweet and cool, which makes people want to try it. With the help of a magnetic wand around the undried nail polish, gently push, and you can make the aperture, cat’s eye, and other 3D effects.

glitter gradient nail

It is recommended to choose a flesh-colored or jelly-colored nail polish as the base color and do a gradient glitter shape from between the fingers down without adding other embellishments; there is a light flavor; the first of the summer nail is his. The gradient color layers are rich and full of seniority.

galglitter has focused on the optical industry for more than 20 years but also continues to upgrade technology and process improvement and constantly optimize the glitter magnetic effect and optical color effect. This summer, like nail art fairy, you must do it yourself, try to do some simple modeling style, and let the gorgeous rainbow in your fingertips dance.

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