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Gift Ideas for a New Driver

by c-incognito
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For most drivers, getting their first car is a lifetime milestone. It can be daunting if you are friends with such a person and want to share in this glory by gifting them something. What could you possibly do for them beyond the high they enjoy from the new car? Here are a few gift ideas for a new driver.


Personalized Features

Want something that excites a car owner more than the car they’ve already secured? Try thinking about new ways the person can remind themselves of such a milestone moment. Personalized gifts can never go out of style. And with vehicles, the gift options are endless, from license plate frames to customized key holders.

You can try a number plate gift if you want to go extra. You bet your driver friend will love to have their license plate speak volumes to onlookers. Before you take any option, check the department of motor vehicles in your driver’s home state to ensure your purchase is in sync with the laws.


Emergency Kit

Emergencies are inevitable. And no matter how a driver feels about receiving gifts from anyone, an emergency kit will likely delight the person. The interesting thing about first aid boxes is that everybody knows they need one, but they never think they need it now. It’s always seen as something they can get later. Check your local mart for a well-stocked first aid box as a gift for the driver.

Pro tip: consider the size of the emergency kit. Drivers won’t want anything that takes up too much trunk space.


Car Adapter

Older car models may not have all the fancy features where you can connect your iPhone for music or charge your device. But there are various adapter options that make this a non-issue. Bluetooth car adapters will be an excellent personal gift if the driver is big on their in-car music and karaoke sessions.

You can also try charging adapters. The driver might see it coming, especially if they just bought an old model car and are in celebration mode without thinking about some of these little car essentials. They’ll find it useful.


Air Freshener

Cars can begin to smell funny if you take sports equipment for a ride to the gym and back or leave fast food packages in the car for too long. Many drivers are culprits. What saves the day is a good deep clean. Some of the scents can be strong, leaving traces after washing. Gifting them air fresheners can be thoughtful.

If you think they’re uninterested in those unsolicited smiley faces and trees dangling from the mirror, you might not be far from right. Check other interesting air freshener ideas and let the driver know how thoughtful you are.


Storage Box

An organized driver is a happy driver. Unfortunately, no one has time to pack all the tools neatly after stopping to help someone fix their tire. You’ll soon start finding car tools under car seats and other unlikely places. Most kits have specific places reserved for items. But your driver friend won’t be the first person on earth who can’t fit a school driver back into its tool kit after use. Such a person might prefer a storage box that fits neatly into the trunk without taking up too much space.

All in all, drivers have a lot to think about on the road. Sometimes, it becomes hard to consider some of these essential things. Gifting your driver friend some of these items can never be a miss.


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