Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

GG.BET, a famous betting company with a worldwide presence, renews its commitment to PGL and becomes a global partner for several phases of The International 2022 tournament, including the Regional Qualifiers, the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ), and the Group Stage. These phases will be held from Sep 3 to 17, from Oct 8 to 12, and from Oct 15 to 18, respectively. 


Last year, the betting platform formed partnerships with different eSports events ranging from the PGL Arlington 2022 and the PGL Antwerp 2022 to the PGL 2021 in Stockholm. After a year of successes together, GG.BET will continue to be the perfect partner for the legendary Dota 2 professional gaming championship. Let’s see what to expect from this agreement.

What to Expect from This Deal?

When it comes to the partnership, GG.BET’s decision to actively sponsor TI11 is a unique moment that is coming with a lot of things on offer. Here are the key highlights of extra fun to help you celebrate the most prestigious Dota 2 event of the season!

Exclusive Content

GG.BET will create exclusive content with a series of influencers in eSports and brand ambassadors in and around the main event. These will not only be phenomenal for those who only want to catch up with the best highlights in case they have missed the full game, but also for those who want to see some amazing shows with top influencers while they hold an assembly.

Generous Offers

Another important thing that the betting company will deliver to their users is the generous themed bonuses of The International 2022 that we are used to seeing on the page. By the time of writing this article, the site provides all Dota 2 fans with a special bet insurance for TI11’s Qualifier matches. It allows you to support your favorite teams at The International 11 and enjoy the game with no risk. Besides, use the secret promo code HDPN to reveal other themed promotions for the TI 2022.

Special Quests

In addition to International betting options, GG.BET will also present exhaustive reviews and tips for the most anticipated matches of the event. So, there will be no shortage of exclusive videos.


For fans of Dota 2 betting, this is actually a pretty big deal, since they can quickly find out what teams and players within all the TI11’s participants are capable of. By increasing this knowledge, we are sure that the betting adventures will definitely have a better result than the instance in which bettors do not have access to the highlights.

Profile Rise of GG.BET

With GG.BET obtaining a large amount of exposure as a result of strengthening its relationship with PGL, there will surely be an increase in the number of visitors it receives for Dota 2 and other eSports wagers.


The International is known as the largest eSports tournament in the world, with its crowd-funded prize pool that exceeded $40,000,000 in 2021. In addition, it featured over 2.75 million simultaneous spectators at the top of last year’s audience for TI10. When considering these numbers, there is no doubt that the GG.BET brand will be much more visible this year as well. We will be able to see many more customers running to create their betting accounts with GG.BET during the next few months.

GG.BET is Growing

The betting platform is already highly appreciated among players, and the continuity of the brand partnership with professional gaming tournaments has helped promote this belief.


Of course, it is not only the eSports tournaments that GG.BET is associated with. Over the last two years, the brand has also partnered with such individual teams as NaVi and Team Vitality, as well as the sponsorship of broadcasts and the promotion of influential people and commentators.


In light of these considerations, GG.BET has done well as a betting company lately, especially in the area of eSports. But even with these extensive collaborations already established, let’s hope that there will be more great partnerships that will give fans some exclusive rewards and only high-quality content.

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