Get to know Spotify better

Get to know Spotify better

April 22, 2021 0 By Rahul Pandey

When it comes to listening to music there are a few apps that can do the job in the most efficient way possible and Spotify is one of them. Considered to be one of the best music streaming apps in the world, what makes Spotify so special is its wide availability of songs from all over the world which is what keeps its thousands of daily listeners active and happy.

When it comes to music marketing, Spotify does not fail to deliver and helps out the artists in the best way possible which is why the artists aim at releasing their music on Spotify. Now what matters on Spotify for artists is the number of plays and listeners that they have on their song. They also hope that people can add their song to as many playlists as possible.

For the Artists, the app “Spotify for Artists” can help the artists track down their song activity and how many streams each song has. From websites, there is also the possibility to buy Spotify listeners and plays which can help the artist get more exposure.

Take a look at these factors to use Spotify in a better way

Take a look at these factors to use Spotify in a better way

  • The Basic and Premium versions

In Spotify, two versions are available, The basic and premium version. With the premium version, you can listen to music for as long as you want without any interruption by advertisements but you will have to pay a certain amount of money as well which you don’t have to do with the basic version.

  • What are Spotify saves and followers?

Often you may see artists asking their followers to pre-save their music before the song release or save it in their playlists once the song is out, how does this matter? This is one of the very simple ways to boost engagement on the artist’s Spotify account. Having followers and pre-saves on one’s account or songs can help them get featured on editorial playlists by Spotify. You may now ask, what is it with artists trying to get featured on Spotify editorial playlists? These playlists have thousands of followers and can really help the artist get the exposure that he has been working for. 

  • Promotion and Marketing

On Spotify, there are a number of ways which can help the artist in their promotion and marketing strategy. For example, for the artists, Spotify can make a crowdfunding campaign which can help the artist get more funds for their career. What you may not know that artists can also form a paid partnership with Spotify in the form of advertisements which you may hear on Spotify. Now, you can also buy Spotify followers which can help the artist get more growth in their Spotify account. Besides the usual sharing on social media apps like Instagram and Facebook, the artists may not get the recognition that they are looking for and these are simple ways that can help them grow to a certain level

Besides these factors, there are many features that make Spotify a different app compared to the other music streaming apps and these are some of the few reasons why Spotify is at the top level.

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