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Garage Doors Maintenance- Secrets to Long-Lasting Garage Doors

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Garage Doors

Do you know if you take good care of your garage doors, they can last for about 25-30 years? Whereas garage door openers can stay in good condition for 10-12 years. Therefore, you don’t need to replace the garage doors before their expiry date with proper care and maintenance. 

The best way to ensure your doors stay in good shape for many more decades is by keeping them clean. In case of damaged or broken garage doors, you can call professionals at Steel-Line Australia. They are experts in carrying out repair work effectively and efficiently. We will also discuss some tips to keep your garage doors in good functioning for years to come. 

4 Tips to Extend the Life of Garage Doors:-

1. Clean your Garage Door Openers:-

Every month or so, remove any dirt that has collected on the opener mechanism. It may be hard to see at first glance, but there should always be something cleaning it out. If this doesn’t happen regularly enough, then the chances are that some debris got stuck inside and needs to come out. To get rid of stubborn stains, use rubbing alcohol. Also, make sure that any lubricant used to prevent friction between metal parts stays where it belongs on those parts!

Garage Doors

Clean your Garage Door Openers

2. Keep Your Garage Door Latch Tight:-

 In addition to making sure that everything gets cleaned periodically, pay attention to whether or not the latch mechanisms are tight. You want to avoid having to pull the handle up over and over again just because the door won’t shut properly.

Make sure the springs don’t have too much tension on them; otherwise, when the weather warms up, and you start opening and closing your garage door frequently, the spring will stretch out, causing the door to stick half-closed. 

Garage Doors

Keep Your Garage Door Latch Tight

3. Avoid Excessive Wind Exposure:-

When winter comes around every year, we tend to forget about our garage doors until summer arrives. But what happens when the wind blows? Well, let’s say that instead of being exposed only to direct sunlight, now your garage door is covered and surrounded by a thick layer of air which makes moisture condense on its surface.

That means water could collect into little puddles under the door. Not only does this cause rusting, but it leaves behind an unpleasant odor that people might notice. And since snow falls right onto the top of the door, ice buildup can occur.

All of these lead to problems such as sticking and malfunctioning. To avoid excessive exposure, try installing storm windows or covering your garage door entirely with plywood. Either way, remember to check underneath before putting away your tools.

Garage Doors

Avoid Excessive Wind Exposure

4. Check For Any Leaks:-

As mentioned above, one thing that causes trouble with garage doors is leaks. Whether coming directly through the wall itself or from outside sources like gutters, pipes, etc., it is essential to find them early and fix them immediately. A leaky pipe could result in mold growth and flooding within your house walls while leaking gutter systems could eventually collapse. Therefore, it is essential to discover any leaks quickly before damage occurs.

Garage Doors

Check For Any Leaks

The Bottom Line 

If you are neglecting the maintenance of your garage doors, it’s time to do it now. As discussed, keeping your garage door clean and free of dust particles is very easy if done correctly. These steps alone will help keep your garage safe for years to come. 

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