Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

We highly recommend you get FUT 22 Coins for sale at U7buy if you want to build a better squad. The leaks have been advancing the content that we have recently seen in FUT 22, such as the cases of Kane Flashback or Paquetá Moments. But in addition to discovering special versions related to the TOTY, one about the Cafu Icon has recently appeared. 

According to @trustyfuttrader, the card you can see in the tweet below would be his first Moments in Ultimate Team history. As you can see, his overall stats would be pretty comprehensive and he should become one of the best right backs in FUT 22. Although the improvement over Prime wouldn’t be too big, as his 93 average item is barely two or three points worse in every aspect. And obviously, we can assume that he will not be an affordable player.

We must remember that the Moments versions are the most powerful of the Ultimate Team Icons. And since they do not reflect a player’s stage, but only a specific moment in his career, they can change every season. For example, Ronaldinho’s Moments in FUT 22 should not be exactly the same as the one we saw in FUT 21, so maybe some of us will be surprised.

We don’t know when these cards will arrive in Ultimate Team but, if they respect last year’s schedule, they should start appearing in mid-February. And it would be logical for them to come out in two or three batches; it would be strange for them to arrive all at once. If the leak is true, the improvement of Moments over Prime would not be too big. Although perhaps their in-game stats would be much more interesting, or they could even increase their stars.

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