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Fuel Draining

A Guide on What to Do If You Put Petrol in a Diesel Car

It is very common for you to put petrol in a diesel car or vice versa. As a driver, a moment of distraction, tiredness, stress or just forgetfulness can

ead to making this mistake.

If you find yourself in such a situation, the most important thing is to do nothing. If you are lucky to notice the mistake at the station, do not switch on the car. It is much easier to solve the problem when the wrong fuel has not left the fuel tank into the car’s fuel system.

If You Put the Wrong Fuel in Your Car, Here Are the Steps You Should Take

  • Avoid placing your key in the ignition and leave your engine turned off.
  • Inform the workers at the gas station of the situation.
  • Place the vehicle in neutral.
  • Drive the automobile to a safe location.
  • Drain and purge your gasoline system by calling breakdown insurance or RAC Fuel Patrol.
  • As quickly as possible, contact your insurance carrier.

What If You Had Already Started Your Engine After Misfuelling

The most common experience drivers get when driving a car after misfuelling is a breakdown. If, after misfuelling, you manage to drive home, your car is likely not to start the following morning. If you experience these, make sure you call your insurance company immediately and seek fuel draining services. Repeatedly trying to start your car may lead to a flat battery. 

What Will Happen If You Put Petrol in a Diesel Tank?

Diesel in a petrol tank is more harmful than petrol in a petrol tank. Furthermore, most current diesel filter necks readily fit petrol nozzles, making it simpler to unintentionally put fuel in diesel tanks than diesel in petrol tanks.

The Petrol Causes Damage to The Diesel Engines Because:

Diesel works as a lubricant, making the fuel pump’s task easier. This is not something that petrol can do. It creates friction between the diesel engine’s components. The engine will suffer as a result of this friction. The damage increases with the increase in the petrol pumped into the diesel engine. This explains why you should not start your car. 

What Will Happen If You Put Diesel In A Petrol Tank?

Because diesel pump nozzles are often larger than many petrol filler tanks, putting the incorrect fuel in a petrol automobile is not common. It is not so bad to have a diesel in a petrol car thus it does not have much damage. Spark plugs ignite the petrol. Diesel clogs spark plugs and the fuel system of a gasoline engine. This indicates that the vehicle will not start.

What Are the Signs of The Wrong Fuel in a Tank?

If you haven’t realized it yet and have started driving with the improper gasoline in your vehicle, the first indicator you’ll notice is the car suddenly jumping. When you accelerate, you may see that the automobile bounces forward or backwards when the gasoline adheres to the pistons, damaging the pumps and corroding the lubrication. If not drained soon, this may generate metal on metal friction and cause significant damage to your engine.

Excess smoke coming from your exhaust is another telltale indicator that you’ve placed the incorrect gasoline in your automobile. This is due to the gasoline and diesel heating up to higher-than-normal temperatures and burning the exhaust. If you drive with the wrong gasoline for even a short length of time, your exhaust system may be irreparably damaged.

The engine misfiring, which may create loud bangs or splutters while driving, is the ultimate clue that you’ve placed the wrong gasoline in your automobile. The pistons are likewise straining to work without the lubrication provided by the diesel.

If you see any of the following indicators, pull over to the side of the road where it is safe, switch off your motor, and phone a breakdown company for help.


It is important to avoid misfuelling. This can be achieved by paying much attention when filling up your vehicle. It would be best if you had a habit of double-checking that you are putting the right fuel before pressing the nozzle as you start filling your car.

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