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Persian Cat Price

If you’re planning to adopt a sweet little kitten, you will certainly get overwhelmed with a huge number of breeds available for you. However, of the many cat breeds available on the market, the Persian cat is one of the most known among cat lovers. Not only do they have fantastic traits, but also they are known for their long hair look and their fascinating personality. It is simply impossible not to fall in love with Persian cats.

However, before you plan to buy this long hair kitten, you must have a lot of queries in your mind. Especially if this is the first time that you are willing to bring a Persian cat home, you must have knowledge about everything that goes around with them to ensure their longevity and looks. So just to make sure that you have knowledge about the breed, we will talk about them. Starting from their features, grooming to Persian cat price in India to help you get a complete knowledge about them.

What are their key features?

Persian cats are among those cat breeds that can weigh around seven to twelve pounds. They have a reasonable life expectancy if you can take care of them. They can live for ten to seventeen years with you. These are the medium-sized long-haired cats that have fluffy tail with huge hairs all around their bodies. You will thoroughly enjoy their presence. 

You can find Persian cats available in a lot of colors which include silver, gold, shaded, smoke, tabby, bicolor, and particolor. They mostly have rounded eyes on their flat face, along with their eyes are available in different colors. These are the features that make a lot higher demand of Persian cats compared to other average cats.

Where are Persian cats originated?

Just like their name, these are the cats that originated from Persia, which is now popular as Iran in the current times. However, they have been getting their demands when they came with the traders to Europe. They were brought to Europe with the traders, and soon the Persian cat got the attention of people from Europe.

After they started getting their demands, they were also shown in the first cat show, which took place in Europe. As soon as they were shown in the cat show, they soon started getting attention from the Americans. In the 19th century, they slowly became available in American homes. This was when they started gaining worldwide popularity.

Are Persian cats friendly in nature?

Persian cats can be said as one of the sweetest and most gentle cats that you will find on the market. They have a very quiet or laid-back characteristic that makes Persian cats choose by most of the families. Even when you are into a 9 to 5 job, you can be assured that the Persian cat can become the right companion. You will not find anything happening around the home while just staying calm and quiet on your couch.

You can stay assured that the Persian cat will easily be able to suit the new environment without facing any problems. Irrespective of the family members or any other pet that you might have, Persian cats will not make any difference. They are not notorious but have a very calm nature felines.

Do they need exercise?

Exercising plays a significant role in the life of Persian cats. Since they are indoor cats, they tend to see it a lot, which can result in different kinds of health issues. This is why you have to make sure that you keep them active. Apart from this, since they have a sweet nature, you will not find it hard to keep them at home. Keeping Persian cats outdoors is probably a more significant threat for them.

Since they are prone to different types of health issues, you need to make sure that you bring the toys that would keep them active. So make sure that you are bringing toys for your Persian cat and making sure that they are active throughout.

Bottom line: So now that you have got knowledge about the traits of fashion cats, you must know the reason for the huge demand. This has also resulted in increased cat price in India. However, if you’re looking for a reliable breeder that can offer a quality Persian cat, you can get in touch with Mummy Cat. 

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