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When creating a new product, you want to be sure that it will sell before you invest too much time and money into marketing and advertising it. Gathering feedback on products through beta tests and surveys are great ways to make sure your product will be a success before you fully roll it out. Here are five free product feedback tools you can use in 2022 to help you do just that!

Zonka Feedback

Looking for seamless feedback? Zonka Feedback is a product feedback tool that caters to all your feedback needs for your product. You can easily collect the feedback on the go by using pre-loaded survey templates. There are options to customize the survey where you can add metrics such as NPS, CES, CSAT and more. The tool offers live support for any query regarding the product or templates. Use plenty of integrations and reach your customers wherever they are via email, web, kiosk, mobile and offline surveys.

Heap Analytics

What do you think about giving away a portion of your product for free? Instead of putting that idea on ice, why not let data help you figure out if it’s a good move. Heap Analytics offers a product-feedback tool that makes it easy to test prototypes, share insights and hear from customers. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to collect feedback, consider Heap Analytics.


This feedback tool allows you to tag your leads with specific surveys and questions that allow you follow up with them later. When you use Intercom, you can target prospects who haven’t purchased from you yet and ask them what features are missing from your products that they need to be persuaded. If prospects don’t feel like your product does everything they need it to do, then their feedback will help inform how much of an improvement needs to be made for a future release. And once you start getting larger customer bases and are looking for ways to improve your product across a wider range of customers, being able to use customer insights from targeted customer segments is a great way to go about making changes more efficiently.


If you’re looking for a quick-and-easy way to ask your customers questions, Hotjar is it. This tool allows you to conduct surveys and track visitors on your website, but also gives you access to rich data that can help you improve what you’re offering now or in years to come. Whether it’s surveys or sessions tracking your site usage, Hotjar is an excellent tool if your business is still in its early stages and needs all of the feedback it can get.


Got a product or idea you want feedback on? asks Danica Wu, creator of AskNicely. This free product feedback tool is a fun way to gather people’s opinions and ideas about your new project and take it from an idea on paper (or screen) to a full-fledged business. Once you create a question, you can share it on social media or embed it into your website for others to answer. The best part: You can also see who has answered and follow up with them directly—and even pay them!—if they have provided specific insights that would be helpful to bring into fruition. It’s like having free consultants at your fingertips!



If you’re looking for a tool that helps you get immediate, real-time feedback on your product, Prodsight is worth checking out. It allows users to create surveys and polls via an intuitive interface—all with no login required. So if you need quick user feedback before making a decision about development or design, Prodsight can help you out. In addition, because of its simple interface and availability of free options, it’s also good for folks who have never used a free product feedback tool before; if you need quick usability or app testing data without breaking your budget or coding knowledge (or even using a website), Prodsight is an easy way to get started quickly.


There are so many fantastic products out there that it can be difficult for companies and entrepreneurs to separate themselves from their competitors. Luckily, people love giving feedback on new products, and that’s what makes free product feedback tools like ThingWorx Analytics for IoT Devices so powerful. Once you’ve launched your product, you should start using a product-feedback tool right away. Over time, your product will get better and better as you respond to customer feedback. And with plenty of competition on every market these days, having a great product is all you need!

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