Ways to get free Amazon gift cards 2018

Ways to get free Amazon gift cards 2018

August 5, 2018 30 By Shweta Pandey

Gifts card are tempting, and when it’s about Free Amazon Gift Cards, one can easily get eager to get them. After all it is about Amazon,world’s largest online shopping store. Amazon is a world of innumerable things. It is the ultimate place of getting anything you want. From buying cloud services to ordering the least predictable item on earth, Amazon has it all. The gift card have Amazon currency in them and the moment you redeem them. You will be able to do shopping from Amazon for free. Free Amazon Gift Cards are the most popular payment modes for online shopping.

Disclaimer: Stay away from Fake Amazon gift card generator

The Amazon gift card generator is nothing but a fooling tactic. This is just a method of minting some money by getting things done by different people. if you use that generator and click a page, you will be directed to some video  advertisement or fill a survey. These are techniques meant for fulfilling selfish motives. The generator waste the time of the user and helps the owner of the generator on some money. Talking from the perspective of user, it is just a waste of time.

You must have the mindset that nothing in the world comes for free. Not even free Free Amazon Gift Cards. You need to earn it.There are many ways to get free Amazon gift card. Here we are, enlisting some of most effective methods to get Amazon Gift Cards free. These methods are free in terms of money but you need to make certain efforts to get the free Free Amazon Gift Cards.

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1. Cashback method

These days getting cashback is in Trend. A lot of online portals provide cashbacks after buying a certain product from them. there are a lot of sites which do it but here, we are enlisting some of the ways of getting cashbacks which will 100% work.

Login to get promotional emails from Amazon

This is great way of being aware every time a new offer comes up. You will be notified on your email with the new methods of getting cashbacks

Amazon Visa Card

free amazon gift cards

If you have a Credit Card, you can look out for amazon.com rewards card. The process is simple, you simply have to login and Link your card with amazon.com rewards. This will help you get cashbacks. Not only this you will also be getting a lot of discount vouchers and coupons.

2. Filling surveys, watching advertisement to get free Amazon gift cards

This is the second way of earning free Free Amazon Gift Cards. In this methods you will be required to fill service and in return you will be rewarded with some points. These points will help you on some Amazon Gift Cards. Here are some survey sites which can help you do so.

Survey junkie Free Amazon Gift Cards

Survey Junkie is the most reliable online survey site. Uses have to fill up service and earn points. these points can be redeemed in the form of Amazon Gift Cards or any other E-commerce website gift card. They can also get Paypal cash with the minimum balance of $10.

The best part about this site is that the number of service that can be filled is not limited, it gives daily survey invitations.


Free Amazon Gift Cards

This is a very popular GPT site helping people to earn rewards. These rewards can be utilised in the form of free Amazon gift cards. The users will be rewarded for doing various tasks. The tasks are as follows:

  • Surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Playing games
  • Testing products
  • Doing a web research
  • Shopping

The reward will be in the form of the swagbucks currency. this currency can be utilised in the form of PayPal balance, Paytm balance, steam wallet, free Amazon gift cards. The amount can be redeemed the moment you have $3 in your account.

Prize Rebel

Free Amazon Gift Cards

Prize Rebel is there sister site of swagbucks. It is a easy method of earning points. This is a very popular website where earnings are very effective. You can earn points by clicking on advertisements. The websites gives a range of appealing offers that gives you great rewards. the earnings and directly send to your Amazon account. Price Rebel is specifically for Amazon.


MyPoints is a GPT site that gives you rewards for watching advertisement, playing the game, trying the new app or shopping from different places. If you are wishing to do anything from the tasks enlisted, use MyPoints.


Toluna is partly are surveying site and also social media platform. When the user is not participating in any surveys, they are free to interact with millions of people in the toluna community members. They can challenge each other in an online game and  can get more points.


This app page its uses 2 fill surveys play video games get emails. You also get paid to listen to music and redeeming gift cards. Imagine getting free points for redeeming points.


This is an application which gives you free digital scratch cards. There is a chance of winning Free Amazon Gift Cards. This app is absolutely free and very entertaining. It does not consume a lot of time therefore it is reasonable enough to spare some time for this.


App Nana allows you to download and test new mobile. If you do not have sufficient space in your phone, you can delete it after the trial period is over. You and reward points for every app you download. The reward points can be used in the form of Amazon gift card

3. Methods to get Free Amazon Gift Cards directly from Amazon

The world of Amazon has multiple segments and Ventures. It is involved in multiple trades. It always manages to make a profitable deal from different ventures. They do not forget to Prophet their users. Amazon gives opportunity to earn Amazon Gift Cards in order to earn your loyalty. Here are some of the sources in Amazon that can help you get the gift cards.

Amazon trade in

Amazon has this provision to buy back the things which are not needed by the customers anymore. the customers can sell their products back to Amazon at a cost slightly lower than the cost they bought it at. Here is the categories of things which come in the trade-in.

  • Gaming
  • Books
  • Tablets
  • Wireless devices
  • Smart watches
  • DVDs
  • Music
  • Kindle e-reader

The trade-ins are not always available. So you have to keep a check when the offers arise. if there is a hurry you cancel of your thing at different portals can use the money to buy things at Amazon.

Amazon coupons

Sometimes Amazon offers Amazon gift codes that are available for some time. there are also times when you buy something from Amazon and in return Amazon gives you a coupon in return. This coupon can be used later in the next round of shopping.

Promote Amazon products

If you are a blogger or you are running any kind of website, recommend some of the Amazon products on your blog or website. Everytime somebody buys anything from your link, you will be rewarded. The Amazon Associates will be sending little commissions in the form of cash or Amazon gift card. This can be a great way of earning passive income.

Amazon Mturk

Mechanical Turk is not exactly GPT side or a survey taking side but it is a Crowd Sourcing website. The tasks given to get some currency that is mTurk is very simple. This app is a branch of Amazon itself and earning from this site will help you get free gift card in your wallet.

This is a very unusual but fun way of making money online. Amazon mturk just requires you to do some online microtasks. it is absolutely free to join and you are supposed to answer some surveys, data entry, transcribing, do a web research. after the completion of the task you will be paid in the form of cash or Amazon gift card.

Reload your wallet

Free Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon offers bonus cash whenever the user reloads their Amazon balance. Amazon provides loyalty bonus to the users when they reload their balance.

Use cardpool

It is a junction where you can use your unused gift cards for trade. Card pool allows branded gift cards so that they can be converted into something specific. It also offers you hard cash in exchange of the gift card. This can allow you to purchase Amazon gift card or any kind


Free Amazon Gift Cards

Gazelle is a place for exchange of Electronics. The exchange takes place with the means of Amazon gift card. it is an undeniable fact that the rates are very competitive. you can also exchange things and get the amount in your PayPal account. this is a great place for getting rid of your old stuff. Gazelle always tries to give you the best rates possible.

4. Affiliate reward earning

Affiliate marketing is a very popular thing these days. It is a very effortless way of getting free Free Amazon Gift Cards. Here are two means that can help you.

Bing rewards

Bing rewards is a very simple way of earning. everytime you search anything on Bing search engine you will be rewarded with some points. These points will be converted in the form of Free Amazon Gift Cards. the distribution of the coins is limited to a certain extent. It is a very easy method that is why this limit has been attached it. make sure that you make Bing search engine as your default search engine to earn points.

Google screenwise

Free Amazon Gift Cards

Google screenwise is specifically for Google Chrome users. You must add Google screenwise to your device and see what happens. Google screenwise pays the users for surfing on the web. The users have to allow Google to keep a record of your searches. so basically the price you get is the cost of giving up your privacy and searching the web


5. Market research Sites

Market research sites are basically attached to a lot of market research companies. They focus on taking reviews of the public in order to create market strategies. These marketing strategies are important for startups as well as running businesses. This helps them evaluate the future course of action and executed. The public is paid for giving their opinions and in exchange they get cash prizes and gift cards.

There are a lot of sides in the market but you have to be wise and choose the best one. Sure that you landed on a genuine site not a fake one. Here we are enlisting some of them:

Valued opinions

Free Amazon Gift Cards

This is a very old website that is taking public opinion and helping out many firms.

Opinion outpost

Many time this question answer things is very boring and that is why we recommend opinion outpost. They ask questions that are interesting and are not monotonous. The quality of their content is very interesting and it does not let the one who is feeling get bored. You can get good amount of money from this.

Method to redeem Amazon gift voucher in your Amazon account

Redeeming your Amazon gift card voucher is a simple process. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to your account and enter the rewards section.
  2. Click on ‘add gift card’
  3. Enter the code
  4. Now you can check your Amazon account, it will be credited with the amount of the free Amazon gift card.

Also, know some of the tricks to get amazon prime free of  cost

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