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Fractional vs. Full Ownership- What’s the Smarter Investment Option?

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It’s 2022, and we’ve entered a post-pandemic world. We’ve witnessed a time that was uncertain and unpredictable, and still continue to do so. This uncertainty has led many people to think about their financial plans for the future. And many have come to the conclusion that one of the ways to make things more stable is by mapping out a strong investment plan. We at MYRE Capital will help you chalk it out.

There are plenty of investment opportunities out there, and it can be confusing, especially for those who are starting their journey. Real estate has always been a solid investment option, and today’s generation is now attracted to owning commercial real estate. But because of today’s economic and financial climate, commercial property may seem out of reach for many investors.

New platforms, like ours, have come up with a concept called fractional real estate ownership. But what is fractional ownership? How is it different from full ownership? And is fractional ownership better for investors in today’s global economic scenario?

What is fractional real estate ownership? How is it different from having full ownership?

Traditionally, people preferred having full ownership over a property; it would solely belong to them. This sort of investment works for residential property. And full ownership would also mean paying the total price of the property by yourself.

Many new investors are venturing out and looking towards commercial real estate as a lucrative option. Since full ownership of such premium properties is quite heavy on the pocket, they are now considering fractional real estate ownership. In such cases, multiple investors hold fractions or shares of the property. If a property is priced at 30CR, you can commit with as low as 15 lakhs. To make the best investment decisions, you can consult with MYRE Capital experts.

Is Fractional Ownership Better Than Full Ownership?

The answer is yes. Many new investors, who may not have the resources to pay the full price of premium commercial real estate properties, can benefit tremendously from fractional real estate ownership. It essentially does that it gives the investors the opportunity to decide how much they want to commit to, thus democratizing the process of property ownership.

It gives regular, ordinary investors the chance to own premium properties at a fraction of the price.

Moreover, commercial real estate has a plethora of advantages that investors can benefit from. If you go for fractional real estate ownership, you pay less but enjoy higher returns. In the case of full ownership, full responsibility lies upon the investor to pay the full ticket price. This is why a lot of people often take a long time to invest in property because it can be quite expensive, and do not consider commercial real estate as an option.

With fractional real estate ownership, you have the option to invest in multiple premium commercial properties. You get to diversify your investment portfolio with assets that are of the highest quality and situated in prime locations across India.


At MYRE Capital, we have made fractional real estate ownership approachable and less complicated for the ones who are looking to invest in high-quality commercial real estate. We believe that fractional ownership is the future, and we are working towards making sure that everyone gets to reap the benefits of this highly rewarding investment opportunity.


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