Thu. Sep 28th, 2023
bathroom tile

When it comes to bathroom tile renovations, nothing beats tile – whether it’s on the floor, in the shower, or as a stylish backsplash behind the sink. Gus Rivero, Branch Manager of Best Tile in Rockville, Maryland, explains us things to think about while constructing a bathroom.

Establish a Budget.

Tile is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and costs. The first step in choosing the proper tile for your bathroom tile is to set a budget.

Once you’ve decided on a budget, you’ll have a range of options to pick from, such as ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone. Ceramic is the most affordable alternative, with porcelain being the next step up.

The most significant benefit of porcelain tile is its through-body composition. When you chip a blue ceramic tile, you will find white beneath the surface, however, a blue porcelain tile will be blue all the way through. Porcelain is also more robust and resistant to water.

Decide on a color scheme.

“Building a color palette might be difficult, so we recommend beginning by selecting your cabinet and vanity colors first,” Rivero adds.

After you’ve decided on those, you can start creating a palette for your tile. Rivero suggests using lighter tiles and adding pops of color with accessories such as towels and knobs.

Take into account tile size.

“The tile world is always changing,” Rivero explains. Smaller tiles were formerly the norm, but 12x24s have replaced them as the new standard: the larger the tile, the larger the space appears.

Basketweave and subway tiles never go out of style for those who choose to keep to tradition. 416 subway tiles add a modern edge to the classic style to create a transitional but timeless bathroom tile. You can hire the best services to get the tile installation done for you. Ken Teg Tegelwerken is offering the best Tegelwerken in Antwerp.

Complete Your Look.

Rivero and his design advisers will show clients around the store once they’ve decided on a budget and color plan. “Every tile lends itself to a certain look,” he says.

Carrara marble has a timeless and traditional vibe, whereas metals, stainless steels, tiny grout lines, and rectified tiles function best in modern settings.

Consider a wood floor with white ceramic walls for a rustic look. Bring samples of paint, cabinets, countertops, or other bathroom items with you to get a good idea of how they will look against different tones.

The shower tile should extend all the way to the ceiling. When retiling a shower, make sure the new tile extends all the way to the ceiling.

This will result in a much cleaner and more polished appearance, as well as ensure that the drywall is not exposed to dirt or wetness. “Tiling a shower all the way to the ceiling makes your bathroom appear taller,” Rivero explains.

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