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These days, all kinds of people in our society are becoming physically dependent upon powerful drugs. As the accessibility to some extremely potent synthetic drugs and a mental health decline stemming from many different sources has led to more self-medication and addiction. 

Luckily, the forms of treatment and therapeutic options are many. Whether you are looking for suburban treatment like a rehab near Cathedral City or want to get away from your surroundings in the woods, there’s a rehab for anyone. It’s clear that all people can become dependent upon chemicals so if you need some help below are five rehab options to consider.

Supervised Detox

The ways in which we can become dependent on drugs and alcohol are multifaceted. Alcohol has been around since recorded time and now we can synthesize the compound of our imaginations. Whatever you are addicted to, if treatment is necessary starting with a supervised medical detox is almost universally a good idea. All kinds of things happen when you stop taking something that you need. It’s necessary to make sure you are safe during this period. Some addiction withdrawals can be dangerous and it’s best to be safe.

Inpatient Treatment

Beyond detox, inpatient treatment combines the supervision you need and the start of recovery that is compulsory if you want to establish long-term health and sobriety. Inpatient is the standard 30-day rehab program where you get some counseling, start going to group meetings, and begin your 12-step program with a sponsor. There are other types of therapy and resources too. This method is lauded as the best way to start, usually down the path of abstinence, but there is also outpatient treatment, which doesn’t require you to stay at a facility overnight.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient follows a similar modality to inpatient treatment, but you come to the facility for counseling, you go to 12-step meetings, and you go home. This is designed for people who were high functioning in their dependence and have held a job or family together. If the person can handle it, outpatient treatment allows you to continue with your life while getting the professional assistance that you need. One thing beyond therapeutic methods like group sessions and therapy that helps during outpatient treatment is dual diagnosis.

Dual Diagnosis

A dual diagnosis is when someone who is struggling with substance abuse and dependence also has a co-occurring mental health condition. This can be so many different things ranging from depression to post-traumatic stress (PTSD) and bipolar disorder. It’s common to self-medicate, but that’s not what you need. With dual diagnosis substance abuse treatment, you are treated comprehensively. Its goal is to get to the root of the problem so that it can be fixed. It isn’t that easy but if you approach recovery this way, it pays unexpected dividends. Dual diagnosis should be offered wherever you receive your long-term addiction treatment.

Residential Treatment/Sober Living

Finally, the residential model is another popular treatment modality for addiction. You can go to inpatient treatment at a home with other people who are struggling with addiction. The inpatient treatment itself is more or less the same, but the context is a bit different. Residential rehab also comes in the form of what has been termed “sober living homes” where people who are in recovery cohabitate to sustain the environment of sobriety. These forms of residential addiction treatment even come in luxury options, with more amenities and high-end addiction specialists.

Becoming addicted to something is not shameful. It happens to everyone in some way in their lives. The degrees vary greatly, but if you really want to change, anyone can do it. It’s just a matter of seeking real help and sticking to the things that are working for you. Addiction is such a varied term that it is tough to truly envision what that means for any given situation.

But, luckily, the response to the increase in the number and type of addictions has been to utilize more effective treatments, treatment modalities, and other parts of psychology, psychiatry, and social sciences. As we advance, we solve the problems that we once created. Modernity breeds certain things. Comfort and accessibility lead to excess, and we see this in our society in many ways. We all succumb to our own niche, our own drug of choice. The most important thing is to recognize for yourself what you need to do to be healthier. 

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