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Five reasons why you need to hire an immigration lawyer in getting an L1 visa

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Seeking help with important matters like getting L1 access is very critical. Most business owners and employees only have their weekends as their spare time, and sometimes it is not enough to process everything for the L1 visa.

In that sense, seeking assistance with immigration lawyers became very common to everyone. According to Ashoori Law, hiring them is like cutting some of the burdens from your shoulders. And it does not hurt to have immigration lawyers because they are experts at what they do.

If you are still having trouble deciding whether you will hire an immigration lawyer or not, you better read out this section! But, first, we will lay out the most common reasons why applicants usually hire them.

Reason number 1: If you are confused with the process

Of course, there will be some things that you will not know at first glance or even at several reviews. Also, if some of your colleagues or friends tell you their experiences in their L1 visa application, likely, it will not be the same for you.

Hiring an immigration lawyer will help you narrow down what you need to accomplish—especially regarding documents, dates when to apply, and who should apply first. This is if there are some of your employees that need to be transferred to other branches.

Reason number 2: You are under an Immigration proceeding

If there are appeal or deportation cases under your name, it will be the most significant factor to deny your application. And this can be a significant problem on your part. Loose up that problem by seeking assistance with an immigration lawyer. Based on their experience, they will be able to secure a way out of those proceeding problems. Thus, your immigration lawyer can guarantee the approval of your L1 visa.

Reason number 3: Inadmissible cases

An example of inadmissibility is when you have previously lied to the US government. It can be anything you have lied about, whether your age, your actual address, or even your source of income. It can also be because you have committed a crime, whether in the US or your home country.

If any reports are listed under your name, it is best to hire an immigration lawyer right away.

Reason number 4: The paperwork is too much for you

Since you are a busy person, gathering the documents will be a stressful load or work for you. For sure it will eat up your spare time. Even if you have dedicated a reasonable amount of time, there will be some documents neglected or even information overlooked.

If you have an immigration lawyer right beside you, they will discuss the documents needed with you. From there, they will inform you how to acquire it. If some documents need to be processed, they can do it on your part.

Reason number 5: The delay is draining you up

Encountering a delay is something that drains our hope of getting approved for the visa. But you can avoid this with the help of an immigration lawyer. But to be honest, even lawyers face problems with delays as well. But at least the immigration lawyer will be able to know what happened why you have uncertainties.

Unlike when you are on your own with the process, you don’t get inside tips that only lawyers can get. Since they are the one who talks with the immigration office, the lawyers will be able to know if you are going to wait further or start all over again.


Now that you have all the possible reasons for needing an immigration lawyer, we hope you are already searching for one right now. Immigration lawyers don’t just offer their service in the name of the fee you will pay them. They are after the service and help that they will give you that they have sworn as their oath.

Our piece of advice? The moment you meet your chosen immigration lawyer, make sure to tell and ask everything that you need to know. Honesty is what they ask their clients for them to help you better.

We are hoping that this article will help you decide on getting help with immigration lawyers.


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