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Five Cyber Security Solutions for Your San Diego Business

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Even if you aren’t in the business of technology, it’s compulsory to put in effort to protect yourself online. The number of threats on the internet are growing, evolving, and becoming a lot more sophisticated. Between viruses, worms, identity theft, malware, ransomware, phishing, and more, there are a lot of things to look out for. Luckily, as the number of threats increases, so do the solutions to prepare for, prevent, and respond to attacks. To learn more, click here and continue reading below are five cyber security solutions your San Diego business should be using.


One of the most vicious ways to attack a network is with malware. Malware is any software that is designed to harm your device or network. It works by disseminating harmful agents onto a device through a link or attachment. Malware can give your computer a virus, put a worm on it to find information, or install ransomware that takes control of your computer. In response to the growing threat of malware, there are new forms of anti-malware that can stop the software from impacting your device and network.


You’ve definitely heard of and used a firewall before, but it has also become a more reliable cyber security solution. Firewall stops anything unknown from being downloaded onto the computer. It can stop viruses, malware, worms, and ransomware from installing on the device. In general, a firewall is a must have tool on every computer. Having a firewall doesn’t mean you are completely protected, but it is often used as the first layer of defense. When you have a firewall, you can put your other cyber security tools to use as well.


Most firewalls also come with an antivirus element. Antivirus is designed to stop viruses from spreading onto a device. Viruses are constantly evolving, so your antivirus software should be updated often. You need the latest technology in your antivirus. While common viruses downloaded from spam or installed from an insecure website will be stopped easily by your average antivirus, sophisticated viruses might be able to get through. Investing in the best antivirus is always a good idea.


Encryption is one of the most basic and important cyber security tools. What is it? Encryption is the intentional scrambling and randomizing of content and data so that hackers have a more difficult time viewing it. For example, encrypted messaging apps provide an extra layer of protection over what you are saying and where you were when you said it. 

Encrypted browsers mitigate what sites people can see you’ve been on and what you’ve inputted into those sites. Encrypted password apps can create difficult passwords that are saved with encryption. Of course, encryption doesn’t mean that these things are hacker proof, but you will eliminate a lot of the people who can see this information. The person will need to be very skilled to see content and metadata that is encrypted.


Ransomware is a form of malware, but it’s more specific than that. Ransomware aims to take control of your device before moving onto the network and the rest of the devices on it. Not only does ransomware prohibit you from accessing your device and everything that is on it, it makes you pay money to get the access back.

This has become a very popular method for professional hackers and criminals. Even some countries are using ransomware to fund themselves. Ransomware has become a significant cyber-attack, but there is also anti-ransomware that specializes in preventing the ability of the program to seize the device.

These five cyber security solutions are a good place to start, but that’s what they are. When you are running a business, it doesn’t matter what your business does. You should have a cyber security team. Information technology (IT) professionals are needed to monitor your network, find breaches, and create new ways to protect the company.

There is no end to the number of threats there are online. The number and severity of these threats will only grow as technology advances. That’s why it is important to keep up with the flow of progress and learn new ways to remain steadfast in your approach to responding. It’s necessary to prepare, but it’s also imperative to know how to respond when an attack occurs. When you want to build more wealth in San Diego, you also need to protect yourself online.

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