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Any fashionable outfit is incomplete without the right accessories. But when it comes to styling ourselves with fine jewelry we often can’t decide what ornament suits our dresses perfectly. Sometimes making bad jewelry choices can ruin your look, so that’s why you must understand how to pick the right jewelry pieces, and mix and match them well with the dress you wear, to make the heads turn. Choosing the right jewelry requires you to keep in mind certain factors, listed below are those for your reference.

1. Consider the Occasion: Just how you pick an outfit based on the occasion, even choosing the fine jewelry to suit the occasion is very important. For example, if you are dressing up to attend a family wedding, or get-together, anniversary celebrations, then picking a heavy necklace or statement traditional earrings, or a gold kada would make sense. Now imagine, getting dressed for a date night, would the same fine jewelry come to your mind? Sure not! Similarly, if you are attending an office event, keep your jewelry limited to sophisticated pieces like diamond pendants makes sense. Melorra is one of the most trusted website for buying diamond pendants, especially if you are looking for everyday wearable designs that are valued for money too. 

2. Keep a Color Scheme in Mind: Nothing can make a strong impression than an outfit that’s color-coordinated with jewelry. If you are wondering how can jewelry add that dash of color, then let us tell you the answer lies in gemstone jewelry. From exotic green emeralds to dashing blue sapphires, ravishing rubies, exquisite aquamarine, to cool, classy pearls, you have limitless options to make your outfit shine. Remember to pick a contrasting color gemstone jewelry, using the same tone or hues will not make the jewelry stand out. For example with your navy blue outfit, match a ravishing emerald pendant necklace. For a pink outfit, sapphires or tanzanites make a perfect coordinate. These days you can easily locate a website for buying gemstone necklace online, so go ahead and explore the colorful world of gemstones.

3. Consider the Dress Neckline: Paying attention to the neckline of your dress, can help you pick a necklace that compliments it. For example, a cascading necklace of different lengths looks sassy with a v shape neckline, while an off-shoulder dress, a choker, or a collar necklace should be the pick. The wrong combination of necklace and neckline can create a conflicting look, rather than creating an appealing look. 

4. Consider Your Skin Tone: Skin tone sometimes dominates what colored outfits we choose for ourselves, applying the thumb rule for jewelry is a good idea. Women with a warmer tone can carry the yellow tone of the gold jewelry when compared with the rose gold metal. While women with cooler skin tones can carry any metal color. 

Wearing too many jewelry pieces at the same time can create a lot of noise and clutter. It’s best to pick a focal point you want to highlight and then start working towards creating a stylish look. 

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