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Writing fiction is a great exercise for one’s creativity and brain. In the process of developing characters and building new worlds, the author unleashes their imagination and takes an adventurous journey into a story. Without any doubt, this journey is incredibly exciting and fun. But at the same time, it can get very challenging.

The reasons why you are dealing with fiction writing can be many. It can be your job or hobby. And it can even be a part of your academic curriculum. In any case, once faced with this challenge, you might start wondering how to write fiction like a pro and with ease. Though there can be no strict rules in fiction writing, some common techniques and tricks can help you get on the right track, write better, and create a truly great story. In this article, a professional paper writer service from EssayService shares some of such tips. Let’s dive in!

  1. Know and Follow Basic Story Structure

Whether you are writing a fictional story for school, to sell, or just for yourself, the first tip you should always keep in mind is that every good story has a solid structure. Exposition, rising action, climax, and falling action are not just words. These things make up a clear and logical framework for your story. And you have to follow this structure.

To do things right, never underestimate the importance of outlining. Map your main plot and subplots in the form of a detailed outline before you get to writing. This simple trick will save you plenty of time and help you write better.

  1. Love Your Story

The next tip is especially crucial for students set to write fiction as a college assignment. Often, young people begin feeling stuck and unsure how to start due to a very common and simple reason – they are not interested in the story they are expected to write. If this is the case, it can be wiser to find a professional essay writing service to write my essay because the chances of writing a great story if you don’t love it are close to zero.

For all the other cases, here is the main tip for writing great fiction – love your story! Out of all ideas that you have, choose the one you are most passionate about and bring it to life. If you love what you are writing about, others will love it too.

  1. Hone Your Character Development Techniques

A brilliant character arc is what lies at the heart of every great story. The characters you create are what people will love your story for, so you really want to go the extra mile to develop them well.

Luckily for all beginners and those looking to improve their writing, there are many effective character development techniques widely used by authors. Take your time to discover and master these techniques to write fiction like a pro.

  1. Only Show the Tip of the Iceberg

When you come up with a great idea for a fictional story, it can feel rather tempting to give out all the details to the reader. But this is a big mistake that many beginner authors make – they show and tell their readers too much.

To avoid making this mistake, follow the iceberg theory by Ernest Hemingway. According to this theory, an author should only show readers the tip of the iceberg and keep the rest unseen. This trick will help you ensure that you won’t overwhelm your readers with too much information and let them use their own imagination to fill in the gaps.

  1. Test Different Types of Writing

To start writing better, one needs to experiment and try different types of writing. So, this is our next tip for everyone who wants to write great stories. Don’t be afraid to experiment. If you’ve always focused on writing novels, challenge yourself to write a short story. Experiment with styles and topics. Try different approaches. Do this to become a better writer!

  1. Read Other Authors

Writing great fiction requires lots of creativity and inspiration, and the best source of inspiration for writers is the work of other authors. Reading great stories can help you craft great stories yourself. So, the next tip we have is to start reading more.

Try reading different authors and genres and let them inspire your own writing.

  1. Write Every Day

This can sound way too obvious, but we have to stress the importance of regular practice for honing your writing skills. Thus, the last tip we have for everyone who wants to write great fiction is to make it their job. Start writing every single day, and then, after some time, you will notice the real progress.

The Bottom Line

Writing great fiction stories is a skill that can be mastered and honed. Though it is never an easy path, there are many simple techniques and tricks that can make you a better writer, and now you know about some of the best ones.

Use the tips from this article to write fiction better!

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