Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Solar Installers of Washington

Your solar sales team has a job to do. After all, solar energy is on everyone’s mind. It’s good for the environment, helps customers save money, and the initial investment can be very minimal if you opt for a solar rental or PPA. As if these reasons weren’t enough, the use of solar power could also impress neighborhoods by allowing homeowners in some states to increase the value of their properties and avoid rising tax burdens.

Demand for solar energy is increasing. Growing concerns about global warming and the growing desire to reduce energy costs and personal carbon emissions are driving more and more consumers to consider solar energy as a serious option.

Solar energy has a lot of benefits. It is a clean, renewable energy source, and advances in technology have made home solar systems affordable for the average energy consumer.

However, statistics on interest in solar energy may seem a bit vague for struggling solar installations. Getting new leads is often difficult, and closing them is even more difficult. The problem of block movement in the solar power business is getting worse as competition becomes quite fierce. To take advantage of this hot new market, new solar companies are posting PV roof tiles every day.

That being said, people are set up in their own way, and while the solar value proposition is undeniable, salespeople will find that many potential solar proponents will need a bit of extra persuasion before joining the infamous dotted line.

With that in mind, here are a few solar cell closure methods that can help you to Sell Your Solar Inventory and close deals more efficiently, and maximize the return on their marketing investments.

Consider your price and competition

The solar industry is highly competitive. A new solar panel installer seems to be released every two weeks in some regions. Price competition can be tempting, but competition tends to intensify. Sooner or later, it will drive your competitors to the bottom. Solar energy prices are already falling.

No need to rush to get started

Focus on adding value to your services instead of competing on price. Your company may not be the cheapest, but let your customers know that all installers are trained and certified. Show how you will take care of your solar panels after installation by observing them and answering questions.

One Step At A Time  

There will be many opportunities to find common ground in the sales process. Yes, climate change is a serious problem. Yes, saving money is great. Yes, solar energy adds value to your home. Yes, fossil fuel prices can only go up in the long run. Sales teams should try to get potential solar buyers into the habit of agreeing.

Create urgency for solar power

For some consumers, the transition to solar is already an urgent need. After all, what could be more pressing than the looming threat of climate change? However, even the most staunch green consumers can be encouraged with little or no additional incentive to take immediate action.

Collaboration on Solar System Design

Solar installers today have a very attractive system design tool at their disposal. When customers engage in the development of new solar panels, they become more interested in the use of solar energy. They also believe that the system they helped develop is a system they can achieve, and building trust with customers is one of the most important things you can do.

Final Words

If you want to end sales of more solar energy, you should always focus on quality. Of course, don’t listen to your customers and run to the finish line to extend your main contract. But always remember why you should focus on attracting promising prospects and drive profits to close more deals like Sell Your Solar Inventory!

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