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Top 8 Must-Have Features in Your Ecommerce Mobile App Development

The ecommerce industry has faced a significant impact over the past few years, especially at the time of the global pandemic. It has been reported that 54% of the total sales are coming from ecommerce stores. And with every passing day, more and more brick-and-mortar businesses are making their way into the ecommerce market. 

Wondering about launching an ecommerce business? There are some essential features that must be incorporated into your ecommerce mobile app. For successful completion of an ecommerce app, you can consider app development companies in San Francisco as the development companies in San Francisco offers incredible ecommerce solutions. 

Let’s discover the top 8 must-have features in your mobile application. 

  • Hassle-Free Registration Process to Attain Visitors 

Customers are always interested in using those apps that require a quick registration process. Therefore, your ecommerce mobile app sign-up process must be easy to access and enable. No one is interested in filling out those long registration forms that involve multiple steps in order to register. 

One of the easiest ways to make the registration process hassle-free is by enabling the social media connections within your apps, such as integrating Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts. 

  • Integrate Analytical Tools for Feasibility Testing 

Analytical tools are one of the outstanding ways to measure users’ behavior, the profitability of your venture, and how your business is competing with other competitors. 

Undoubtedly, Google Analytics is an exceptional way in terms of determining CTR (Click Through Rates), CPC (Cost Per Click), CPA (Cost Per Action), session time, and much more.  Besides, it permits you to analyze which products/services are most likable by your visitors and which sections/categories they browse the most. 

Onboarding a reliable mobile ecommerce app development company assists you in integrating these analytical tools into your ecommerce mobile application. 

  • Right Optimization of Products/Services Sections

Suppose your ecommerce businesses have a wide range of products or services. In that case, the right optimization of different sections is very important due to the fact that the mobile screen is limited, and so is the user’s intent. Thus, the sections must be categorized in such a way that they won’t distract visitors. 

Besides, if you have multiple categories to display, make a proper category section along with a sub-category section, and so on. Moreover, integrate an advanced search filter option that allows visitors to search any product within just a few clicks. 

  • Launch Multiple Payment Options 

Most ecommerce apps fail due to having limited payment channels. It has been observed that the 31% of visitors left the app in between due to fewer payment options and a hefty checkout process. 

Visitors always invest in those businesses that provide them with wide options to make transactions. Some individuals like to pay through their credit or debit cards, and some like to pay the bill at the delivery time. So, you should focus on having multiple payment options. 

Not only should you pay attention to incorporating numerous payment gateways, but you must also ensure that the checkout process is unpretentious. Having plenty of payment channels retain the visitors in the long run. 

  • Consolidate Push Notifications 

Push notifications are another great way to retain customers’ attention to your brand. Besides, these instant notifications result in improved sales and traffic, which ultimately lead to increased conversions. Make a proper monetization strategy that targets your audience in the best possible manner. 

You can engage your customers via push notifications by offering discounts, coupons, cash backs, and much more. Overall, push notifications are a tremendous way to drive crazy sales within a short span of time.  

  • Provide Customers with an Efficient Feedback System 

Most ecommerce apps don’t provide their customers with a feedback system. No feedback system within your app creates a negative impact on your customers, and eventually, you will lose your customers in the long run. So, the best way in order to build customers’ credibility is by providing them with effective feedback channels where they share their experiences and highlight their problems. 

Responding to the visitors’ feedback will also attract other customers. You can generate a comment section at the end of the service page, or you can launch a link where customers can provide their feedback.   

  • Offer Quick Customer Support Throughout the Day 

In order to stand out among your competitors, the best way is to provide access to your visitors with efficient customer support. 

More than 90% of users are dissatisfied with those mobile apps that don’t offer effective communication channels to connect with support. Call and email are the two most common practices. However, you must introduce chatbots or provide in-app live chatting options to set your brand apart from your competitors. 

Having responsive customer support throughout the day helps visitors to keep track of their products, launch their queries, or determine their product delivery within no time. 

Overall, receptive 24/7 customer support builds customers’ credibility, and they feel like they are being valued. 

  • Provide Access to Track Orders Summary 

One of the most imperative features generally not found in ecommerce apps is an in-efficient tracking option. Yes, customers feel exasperated if they are unable to track the delivery of their products. Hence, make sure your app notifies the visitors every time when they make any purchase or when the order is about to ship, or if there are any delays within their shipment. 

Offering easy-to-access tracking options will build customers’ credibility towards your brand.  

Final Thoughts 

There are several ecommerce mobile apps available on the Play Store. And every other day, more and more exciting and data-driven mobile apps are coming into the stores. Therefore, it has become more difficult to stand out in the crowd. However, there are some ways that can be useful to distinguish your brand from the rest. 

The above write-up covers almost all the essential features your ecommerce mobile must have in order to compete with other competitors. 

Always put yourself in your customers’ shoes, and think about how you can provide them with ease and build their trust and loyalty. 

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