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As Coco Chanel once said: “Fashion changes, but style endures”, and though the style is an element not everyone has, it also isn’t something money can buy either. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t follow trends to your liking, since like in the quote, it changes, and so should you (in your closet that is). You can keep your style unique with next level apparel which is going to enhance your looks, get next level wholesale Chicago at an affordable price.

As you know, trends change every season in fashion, many being comebacks rather than innovations. It is totally fine to revive past trends, for example, this year the big remake is miniskirts. Though quite inappropriate for the workplace, I will also be mentioning what professional attire is regarding the trends mentioned. 

  • Catsuits

Catsuits are a massive statement. The body-tight full-piece garment is for the bravest of souls, them being fitted to your curves and extremely bold. Wearing a catsuit is empowering, so don’t be afraid to celebrate your whole figure with one! 

The best way to accessorize these garments is with chunky elements, like a thick chain or scarf, a long coat, and some chunky shoes or simple heels to match. 

The origin of the catsuit came from the 1940s Catwoman, having evolved from leotards as athletic wear, but designer Marine Serre brought it back a couple months ago, though it truly is a confirmed trend now.

  • Mesh 

Sheer garments have been seen cycled throughout the years. Mesh is a brave element, just like catsuits, since it shows your covered skin. Though NSFW, sheer elements are classy, since they can come embroidered, with satin roses, sequins, bows, all adding to the artistic yet sexy look.

The best way to ornament this look is with matching chunky heels or platforms, to break through the delicacy of the fabrics. If that isn’t up your alley, a stunning makeup look with a bold lip will do the trick.

Many designers have taken on this trend on runways, including Simone Rocha, Nensi DOjaka, and more popular brands like Dior, though it has been around since the eighteenth century since chiffon made of silk was popular amongst the aristocracy. 

  • Bolder is better

Colors popular from the fifties and sixties have finally made their comeback. Wild and vibrant colors like fuchsia, turquoise, bright yellow, cherry red, and neon brights, in general, are being seen on runways by Moschino or Prada, and on the streets. This is one of those ideas to make work fun. 

The best way to accessorize your bold colored pieces is either with another bold color, for example, electric blue with cherry red, or with neutral tones like silver, gold, or black. 

  • Time to shine 

Glitter and sparkle are back! After a long year of not being able to let loose, it was foreseeable that extravagant looks would come back. Since you only live once, why not enjoy it? Designers ranging from Jimmy Choo (with their blindingly glittery “Bon Bon” bag) to Prada’s sequined dress have cemented this trend into this year’s fall/winter fashion. 

You may be asking yourself, how do I accessorize? With more sparkle and metallics of course! The whole look is already a commitment, so why not go all the way? 

  • Green, green, and more green 

A recurring look on the runways this season is fifty shades of green. A symbol of nature and its vitality, it comes as no surprise designers made this a thing. Be that mint green, emerald green, neon, or sage, the monochromatic looks that are the spawn of this trend are worth remembering, especially in front of a green screen.  

Accessorizing green depends on its shade, but solid options include metal tones, clear elements such as glass or plastic (especially with neon green), or solid matte blacks. Another bonus to the color green is that there is a shade for everyone’s complexion, so no need to worry.

  • Leather, but of the bold kind 

A yearly choice for fall outdoor wear is leather, it’s been seen since the first world war, where pilots wore them against higher temperatures. It isn’t just for pilots anymore though, since this year colorful leather is in. 


A strong statement of one’s personality, this trend combines two strong elements and makes it the star of the show. The looks seen this year are not only constrained to jackets though. Coats, pantsuits, and catsuits were also seen this year.

Accessorizing these doesn’t take much, since it is the protagonist of any fashion look, neutral tones are what you should stick to. 

  • Plaid suits… but with miniskirts? 

Plain patterns are also a constant in fall and winter, so why not make them more playful? Protagonists and celebrities from the 90s and 2000s have all been seen sporting these elements, like Cher’s infamous yellow set. These inspirations have now been revived by designers like Alessandra Rich and Charles Jeffrey Loverboy.

This cute plaid outfit doesn’t come with much stress regarding accessorizing, since it is flexible in all regards. You can use neutrals, other colored elements, shiny jewelry, or anything your heart desires! 

  • Mini skirts all over

Mini skirts have always been an uncomfortable element to your closet, last being seen at their shortest in the 2000s. You can now bask in seeing your whole legs being exposed again since this item is not for the faint of heart. Dropping something and needing to pick it up will become a nightmare, but one that is so worth the suffering,  

The origin of the miniskirt comes from the sixties, its first pioneer being British designer Mary Quant, but even back then it was seen as a fun extreme. Now ateliers like Versace are reincarnating them, might I say, fortunately.  

Accessorizing depends on your comfort levels, but I would say to opt for either tight matching monochromatic looks, or for comfier sweaters with only a few complementary colors. Most importantly, for higher boots or chunkier soles. 

  • Crop jackets 

By crop jackets, we mean all types of jackets, from puffers to blazers, shorter jacket’s streamlined silhouettes are here to accentuate your waist, paired with high or mid-waisted matching pantsuits or wide-leg jeans, to challenge the basic tailored look. The trend can be seen as an ode to Gianni Versace’s nineties collection, where he debuted such daring professional looks. 

The styling of these outfits is easy: style it like you would a pantsuit, but maybe complement it with neutral T-shirts and neutral accessories. 

  • Ski season 

Ski-inspired outfits are upon us. From humongous faux fur coats to whole puffy jumpsuits to keep you warm during your stay in the alps, the ranges within this trend are immense. 

Designers like Miu Miu and Chanel have been debuting these looks on their runways this year, ranging from boot covers to ensure warm toes, knee-high items, baggy sweaters over long puffy skirts, and many more blended looks. 

The accessorizing aspect speaks for itself: wear whatever you would wear if you were to go to a ski resort and do winter sports. Have fun with it. 

  • Puffy jackets 

Quite honestly, these types of jackets have been hitting fast fashion stores for about two years now, and unfortunately, they are an official trend this season too (again). I was waiting to see something new, but there is only so much you can do to stay warm and fashionable. 

The oversized silhouette and its practicality are what keep this jacket alive, and it’s fair. Oversized silhouettes have been making their rounds for ages, almost as a way of neutralizing all looks (which I personally enjoy). Thankfully new additions to these jackets are their bold colors and their playful crops. 

Accessorize as your heart desires, fashion is about self-expression after all!

  • Stripes 

Free your inner rugby player this year with the array of striped options on runways this season Designers like Wales Bonner Brixton, Kenzo’s designers, and even Victoria Beckham came out with hyper colorful striped garments this year, ranging from plain sweaters to fill body tight-knit dresses. 

Remember: stripes making you look fat is a myth, so don’t be afraid to wear toned down yet well-styled accessories with these patterns. Maybe a black beret with red, white, and black stripes, or thicker boots to match those thick stripes! 


Honorable mentions 

Some other trends seen this year that deserve mentioning are reiterations of Y2K’s most iconic styles, not just mini skirts but shades of brown and pink within one look and many other strange yet exciting combinations for the eye. Other trends worth mentioning include minuscule floral patterns and monochromatic brown looks, both of which have already been done in the past, but the fight for innovation continues within the world of fashion.

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