Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Here you will find the whole F95zone information. Are you looking for an environment for the expression of your MMO audience and enthusiastic gamers? Or, with some virtual things to buy, you may have a single person game.

No further look:

The F95zone is the perfect place to play with an active, best-in-class player community!

We are a pure global e-commerce and technology player in the video games business as the magic of gaming comes into the world with an unhealthy addiction. Our geeks’ expertise and data are vital to our company and our ambition to become a leader in gaming technology in video systems each day.

No further look

It attracts several elite players:

Every month, F95zone reaches millions of people. They generally originate from the United States, North America and North/West Europe. Often they are the major players with a console system and spend a great deal of time and money. They are looking for multi-player competitive games to demonstrate their abilities and expertise.

Easy integration:

F95zone integration is pretty quick, especially with iframe and portal API developers. Typically, a developer migrates several of our games into the F95 zone within about 2 working days.

Three APIs (kreds payment, authentication, and statistics) and small changes are required to be integrated into the user flow and iframes of the F95zone. Single players are not certified and generally may be incorporated within a day.

Easy integration

Our services:

The F95 zone has been driven by the innovative and independent culture of games from Flash and we have grown up as publishers of current indie games computer, consoles and mobile devices.”

We offer developers a variety of publication services and start from here:


Our team will give feedback and support at every stage of identifying difficult design problems and taking into consideration the concept of changing the user interface of F95zone.

Development Funds:

through various financing levels depending on your team’s unique needs, we can assist decrease the investment gap through F95zone.

integrated marketing:

We can solve and offer advanced design guidance, store pages, public relations, influencers, strategy in social media, programme strategies and so forth. integrated marketing.

Internal QA:

Our QA Team assessed our games meticulously to eliminate the most difficult issues and trained our creators for console complexity.” ”

We offer developers a variety of publication services and start from here

Global localisation and release:

via our experience in foreign languages and partners, we can help you publish internationally.

Sustainable platform and connections:

We are always available to the next generation and on all the PCs, mobile and console platforms.

Gain more:

Since we want to make sure your game has a possibility of success, would early promotions for users to join the paid area plan F95 include?

We display the featured advertisements on the site (at least 1 million free impressions) and, if the game is scored, we put it on our homepage in the new games area.

F95, which takes various forms, splits income with developers:

Revenue from virtual goods:

In-game F95 shares 70 per cent of shopping with developers, and F95 is shared by 30 per cent. These divisions represent the total revenues produced and our revenue share includes fees paid to the provider.

Ad sales:

Up to 50% of ad sales game pages are also shared. The amount of the eCPM is generally between $1.00 and $2.00 for developers depending on the present market and the advertising.

Partner Program:

If we sometimes think we can support your great game, once our planning choices are revealed, we can propose to replace our partner.

They operate on updated income distribution and get a significant amount of guaranteed promotions for the F95 area in return. It is up to you to always determine if we give you a product to be a partner, however until now our partners are glad that it has changed.

As previously, the F95 area is delighted to continue offering creators games on any F95zone platform income sharing and royalties! To earn revenue your game does not have to build its payment mechanism.

We are hoping to capture all developers’ information in one place, including developers’ revenue prospects, and to streamline the procedure to ensure that all developers are coherent. Around September we anticipate releasing new developer revenue terms.

In other words, we wish to notify you, in return for players willingly watching commercial videos, that the F95 zone will stop offering prizes in the game.

F95, which takes various forms, splits income with developers

Great MMO & Extension Zone F95 Virtual goods Game:

F95 offers several paid games already and is always interested in expanding its repertoire. These games tend to be profound and complicated and the interconnections of the games are complex.

For one-player games, idle games and tower defence games have been most popular to date, but the virtual product field of single players in the F95 area is still fully explored, and we would like to hear his games.

F95 zone has been working with GamesAid in favour of handicapped people.

Great MMO & Extension Zone F95 Virtual goods Game


GamesAid is a British charity that works as a tool for supporting different other charities and helping vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young adults.


We trust, respect, and do good. We are committed to ensuring the highest respect, trust and care of our developers. We think that sustainable, engaging and useful game creation is the best.

F95zone Studios:

We are constantly searching for support staff, whether they are beginners or veterans. Although we are open to many sectors, traditionally, our games were produced by small teams developed for PCs, gaming consoles, and mobile devices for F95zone.

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