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Have you become worried because of your loved one not receiving your call? What type of concerns crossed your mind when the call remains unanswered? At some point in our life, we all went through such circumstances where we wished to have some mechanism through which we could track the location of our loved ones. For that, you have to track the cell phone of a particular individual. Are you interested in knowing how to track someone’s phone, read this article and we will suggest ways to track the location of someone.

Why is tracking needed?

Before going into the details of tracking a device, it is important to explain the reasons that demand monitoring. There are several reasons people want to track someone’s phone. Living in a digital world with lots of hackers, scammers, and predators is not an easy task. Although this modern network connectivity is the need of an hour but kids with fragile minds require proper monitoring mechanisms. It enables parents to view the real-time location of their children so that if they experience some problem, parents/ concerned authorities can easily reach there to rescue them. Similarly, employers want to track the location of their employees to know if they are working in the office, watching movies, calling someone, or spending time in shopping malls or other activities. Thirdly, if you are curious about your partner’s activities then you can track his phone to know what he is up to. Last but not least, tracking mechanisms enable you to find the lost device as it allows you to get the location of the phone.

how to track a cell phone location without installing software on the target phone

There are several ways to track the location of the target phone without installing software. In the case of iOS, a native built-in feature ‘Find my iPhone’ is available to track the location of the device. It enables you to view the current location of the device. On the flip side, Android lacks such features and needs third-party apps to view the location of the device. These third-party apps are equipped with incredible features that enable you to view the exact location of the device and provide you with the history of locations. It also provides several other features that allow you to track all the activities of an individual. When it comes to choosing a third-party app, different options are available in the market. We will discuss the best options below and suggest the most optimal solution as well.

Phone spy app

The advanced feature-enriched mobile spying app like Mobistealth works in stealth mode and the target cannot detect its presence on the phone. This app allows parents and employers to view the precise and accurate location of the target. Apart from this, it provides advanced specifications to monitor text messages, social media apps conversations, group chats, media files, galleries, contact lists, installed apps, call logs, and surrounding recordings to keep an eye on all the whereabouts of the target. This app is compatible with all platforms including Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. Moreover, it is available at reasonable prices.

Google maps

If you are really interested in knowing how to track a cell phone location without installing software on the target phone, you can enjoy the benefits of google maps. All you need to do is install the google maps app on your phone and add the credentials of the target to know their real-time location.

Android device manager

Are you curious about how to track someone’s phone then the feature ‘Find my Device’ on Android phones can help you. However, in this case, the target device must have a stable network connection and you must be in possession of his Google ID and password. 

What is the optimal solution to track someone’s phone?

Since the last two methods require the target’s Google ID and password, which is difficult to obtain in most cases. So, a phone spy app like Mobistealth can be the most suitable and safe way to track someone’s location.

If you are interested in how to track a cell phone location without installing software on a target phone, Mobistealth is the best solution that you can opt for as it provides numerous features to track the activities of the target including location. Other related apps are also available but have their own merits and demerits. Considering these solutions, Mobistealth is the best solution in terms of features, capabilities, and price.


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