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The cornerstone of the fast-food sector is hamburgers. Burger boxes or packing describe the containers used to house them. It serves to maintain the burger’s safety, security, and freshness.

Choice Of Materials For Burger Boxes

Several inquiries need to be addressed about burger boxes. The selection of the packaging material is one of the most important ones. Every substance has advantages and disadvantages. This decision must not taken lightly for that reason. The following types of materials are available to customers of Ideal Custom Boxes:

  • Cardstock Material
  • Roofing Material
  • rigid substance
  • Packaging Material
  • Paper Material

Cardstock Material

Cardstock is the material that Burger Boxes are most frequently made of. It is quite flexible and produces high-quality prints. Cardstock isn’t a particularly robust material, so it could easily dent. Use this for modest amounts or when the box only needs to appear decent.

Roofing Material

If cardstock is simply insufficient, you can use corrugated material. Since this is the strongest, it will endure longer. Additionally, it can be coupled with several finishing methods. The biggest drawback, in this case, is the cost and difficulty of use. However, it has flutes with adjustable thickness to suit your needs.

Rigid Material

The hard substance that resembles corrugated material comes next. It’s also ideal for modest amounts and straightforward designs. The key benefit, in this case, is that it may be applied to any print method. However, due to its stiffness, assembly is challenging. On the other hand, it is ideal for gourmet burgers.

Paper Material

Recently, this subject has gained a lot of popularity. It has a natural appearance and feels in addition to being environmentally friendly and sustainable. Because of this, the greatest packaging medium for healthy burgers is cardboard. The main drawbacks are that it is readily damaged and cannot be used with additional finishing procedures.

Packaging Material

Cardboard is our last material. It has a natural appearance and feels much like kraft paper. However, this is a great option for larger numbers because it won’t set you back a fortune. The advantage of this material is that you may choose from various finishing options for your cardboard burger boxes, including matte or glossy laminate.

Different Burger Box Customization Options

You can be sure that you will have many options when you contact ICB for your custom burger box needs. The following customizations are guaranteed:

Different Burger Box Designs

Although most burger packaging has a standard design, customizations of any kind are requested. For instance, we can design several styles and handle-equipped burger boxes based on your specifications.

Burger boxes shapes and sizes

Would you prefer customized burger boxes? Do you require burger containers of various sizes? You can count on ICB to meet your burger packaging needs, whether you’re looking for small boxes or big ones.

Enhancements to Make Your Burger Packaging Stand Out

Do you want the packaging for your hamburgers to stand out from the crowd? Do you desire to design burger boxes that entice clients and leave them satisfied? If so, you might want to think about picking out add-ons for them. Add-ons are best characterized as minor adjustments or additions that can make your burger boxes stand out, be more useful, and look more appealing. The following add-ons are available:

  • Window Spot UV Patching
  • Debossing Hot Stamping Embossing
  • Custom Burger Box Spot UV

It improves the appearance of your burger boxes without additional costs, making it one of the most popular add-ons. It helps the printing stand out and gives it a striking three-dimensional appearance.

Patching Windows For Personalized Burger Boxes

This is ideal if you want to print a transparent window on your boxes. Remember, though, that it can only done with lower sizes.

For Custom Burger Boxes, Hot Stamping

One of the most well-liked add-ons, it enables you to produce gorgeous textured effects on your burger packaging. All you have to do is print your design, select the stamping foil color, and then iron or heat press it onto the boxes.

For Custom Burger Boxes, Embossing & Debossing

Their best feature is that embossed and debossed burger boxes are affordable. They will let you add a touch of class to your hamburgers without spending additional money. Due to our exceptional ability to adapt and meet packaging requirements, ICB has established itself as the finest option for burger packaging. So, whatever kind of box you require, rest confident that we will provide it.

Enhancing Burger Packaging’s Visual Appeal with Finishing Coats

Choose from various finishing finishes to make your burger box stand out. Since we have been producing packaging for quite some time, we know that without the ideal finishing coat, any box’s appearance and feel are lacking. For this reason, we provide the following:

  • Glossy Surface
  • Matte Surface
  • Finishing Varnish
  • Soft-Touch Surface

Glossy Surface

Gloss coating produces beautiful, highly reflective boxes. Additionally, it aids in improving the appearance of your boxes by reflecting light off them.

Matte Surface

The matte finish has a sleek look even if it isn’t as lustrous as gloss. Consider matte finishing to make your packaging stand out without spending a fortune.

Finishing Varnish

Because it gives your box a sophisticated appearance, this is one of the most used finishing coats for burger packaging. This coating will also improve the outward appeal of your box, making it more impressive to others.

Soft-Touch Surface

Make your box feel plush and velvety by choosing a soft-touch coating. It has a luxurious feel and eye-catching appeal that will astonish potential buyers. ICB, one of the top Custom Boxes in US packaging manufacturers, can assist you in developing gorgeous burger packaging that will help you draw in more customers than before.

Selecting the Best Printing Method

When constructing your burger packing, you should consider two alternative printing techniques. Even though they both have advantages, depending on your requirements, it is advisable to select:

  • Using Offset Printing
  • Using digital printing

Printing on offset

This method for food packaging is highly advised because it generates prints of excellent quality and uses eco-friendly inks. But be aware that offset printing can cause brief delays.

Electronic printing

Burger packaging is frequently printed using the most popular printing method since it produces magnificent prints quickly and at a high quality. Since the pricing is independent of the item’s size, you may expect to enjoy fantastic discounts without compromising the item’s quality.

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