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A sine wave inverter refers to an inverter that produces a sine wave output. Sine wave output is mainly known for its advantages, such as high efficiency and a smoother output compared to standard inverters. 

 These inverters are also great for those that want to cut their electricity bill this season. Why? Because they cost less than traditional UPS systems while still providing similar energy efficiency and green benefits. This article explains everything you need to know about the Sine wave UPS Inverter.

What is a Sine-Wave UPS Inverter?

When a power inverter produces the Sine wave output, it is called a sine wave inverter. Sine wave output is considered better than the conventional outputs as it is smoother and more reliable. 

A Sine wave UPS inverter produces less stress on components reducing the harmonic distortions. 

How Does a Sine-Wave UPS Inverter Work?

The first step a sine-wave UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) inverter takes when receiving power from the grid is to “sense” the amount of power it’s getting. The inverter then “inverts” this power, which turns the grid power into its alternating current. The next step is ensuring the grid power is “uninterruptible.” This is so your devices can power up as quickly as possible and not have to wait for the sine-wave UPS to complete its tasks. Once the inverter is sure the grid power is uninterrupted, it starts sending its own energy to your devices.

Advantages of Sine Wave UPS Inverters

  1. Sine-wave UPS Inverters help you reduce your electricity bills. You can save money using one of these instead of a battery backup. You can also use them to power large electronics, computers, and other high-demand devices. As a result, it reduces the wastage of power and hence significantly reduces the electricity bill.
  2. You can also use them to power small appliances like a coffee maker or blender. You can also use them to power devices that require specific voltages, like a medical machine. They are also great when grid power goes out because you can keep your sensitive electronics powered up and running. 
  3.  Sine-wave UPS Inverters are more efficient than standard battery backups. A sine wave inverter uses only the amount of power needed to run your devices. This means you do not have to buy as much battery backup power, which can be costly and heavy. 
  4. Sine-wave UPS Inverters are more affordable than grid tie systems. They can also be used to power a small office or a small number of devices.
  5. Sine wave inverters minimize the harmonic distortion giving you a smooth and noiseless product.
  6. These inverters are safe for sensitive appliances. 

Sine-wave UPS Inverters are a great way to obtain a smooth and efficient output. Luminous provides numerous Sine wave UPS inverters such as:

  • Home UPS 2 KVA Cruze+

This is a sine wave inverter with 2KVA capacity and 24 months warranty. These inverters can run heavy loads like geysers, AC, dental chairs, etc. Intuitive display shows the battery percentage and charging time. 

Additionally, Adaptive Battery charging control system technology (ABCC) enhances the battery shelf life and offers faster charging.

  • Optimus 2300+

Another sine wave inverter with 2000VA capacity and 1600W of rated power. It comes with a 24 months warranty and supports a wide range of batteries such as tubular and flat plate and all batteries of range 80Ah-220 Ah. It supports two batteries, each of 12V. The output produced is noiseless and safe.

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