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Many people prefer cremation over the traditional method of being buried. A 2017 report suggests that 50.2 per cent of Americans chose cremation in 2016, and 43.5 opted for a traditional burial. As of 2020, the annual number of cremation services performed in Australia was 110,372. According to a forecast, more than 78.8 per cent of Americans can choose cremation with funeral service by 2035. In the process of cremation, the person is placed in a temporary casket or a temporary fibreboard box. The container is placed into a “retort”, which is a brick oven created for bodies and is known to fit one container at a time. After going in on the conveyor, it goes down in the mesh grate. The flames inside the retort come from the top and bottom and reduce the body down to some bone fragments or basic elements. The bones are calcified and crumbled due to the intense heat produced. This entire process takes three hours, which is divided into the 90-minute heating period and 90-minute cooling period. Now that you are well-informed of the cremation process, you can read further to learn the benefits and storage options.

What are the benefits of cremation services?

When it comes to making decisions about your deceased loved one, you must either settle upon burial or cremation. Read further to know the benefits of cremation services.

  1. Saves money: The process of cremation is affordable than purchasing a large burial plot and a casket. The cost of cremation and the urn is approximately 2000 dollars. When you compare the cost to a casket, it is two or three times more than the total amount. Hence, cremation can help you save costs.
  2. It is easier to handle: If you don’t want a complicated funeral service for your deceased loved ones, you can have their ashes spread at a peaceful location. Additionally, entombing the cremains in the urn is an effortless task when compared to a traditional funeral.
  3. Take up less space: Due to the growing population, you might require more burial plots. But if you choose cremation, you can have your cremains entombed in a cemetery or chapel. Plus, multiple urns used in cremation can be buried in one crypt or family plot.
  4. A popular choice: Although this benefit might seem odd, cremation has become a popular and trendier choice than the traditional burial. The more people do the cremation services, they are more exposed to its advantages.

What are the five storage options for cremated remains?

Although a columbarium is common, you will find several options to store cremated remains. Keep reading to know the five storage options for cremated remains.

  1. A columbarium: It is like a church or cemetery that consists of dozens of urns. There are recessed compartments and cubbyholes similar to the peaceful resting place where the urns are stored. You will be able to visit this cubbyhole whenever you like.
  2. A burial plot: You can either choose to bury your deceased loved one in the ground or bury the urn in a burial plot of some other family member. In this manner, you can keep the remains of your deceased family members together. What’s more, the cremation with funeral service is cost-effective.
  3. Entombed in a mausoleum: Your loved one can be either entombed in urns or caskets or in a crypt inside a mausoleum. Although the above-ground option is similar to that of the columbarium, it requires space and is exorbitant.
  4. In your home: You can store the cremated remains in an urn inside your house after the cremation and funeral service. You can store the urn on a shelf or a mantle of your house in order to keep your loved one in your memories. Moreover, this option has become popular because you can share the urn with other family members and their houses. Click dailyjunkies for more interesting articles.

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