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Since marijuana is slowly becoming legalized across the world, societal views on cannabis use have tremendously changed in the past few years. In addition to people becoming more interested in learning about the numerous benefits of cannabis, they are also looking to learn more about the various consumption methods available.

A method that remains one of the most preferred choices among consumers is the bong. This is a device designed to filter and chill the smoke produced by cannabis combustion. According to experts, the bong is believed to provide a smoother hit and a higher level of intoxication as opposed to other common consumption methods.

To better understand what bongs are, read our guide and learn everything you need to know about them, including their anatomy, how they work, and various types.

The anatomy of bongs

There are many types of bongs available today, from basic bongs that have a bowl and chamber to more aesthetically pleasing masterpieces such as a ceramic bong or a twirly glass design. No matter the cost, almost every bong consists of five parts. These include:

  • A tube that serves as the passageway through which the smoke passes to reach the mouthpiece.
  • The bowl where the dried cannabis flowers are burned. Modern designs allow for the removal of the bowl and use it as a sliding car.
  • The base is the bottom of the bong where designers can make their mark.
  • The carb is the hole that allows the user to exhale smoke from the device. It is also an abbreviation for the word carburetor.
  • The downstem allows smoke to travel from the bowl to its base via a small tube. The water then allows the smoke to percolate through the water.

How do bongs work?

It may seem complicated from an outsider’s point of view, but it is actually very easy. To use a bong, all you have to do is fill the water pipe with enough water so that the downstem is completely covered.

Next, add the dried flower to the bowl. Be careful not to pack the flower too tightly because you won’t be capable of burning it all if it isn’t packed well.

Then, inhale the smoke by placing your lips on the mouthpiece. Soon, the chamber will be filled with white smoke. Release the carb before exhaling and inhale the remaining air.

Types of bongs

Bongs can be made out of nearly anything, but the most commonly used materials include glass and ceramic. For example, glass is a great option because it doesn’t alter the taste of the smoke, meaning consumers will have a much cleaner and smoother hit. It is also transparent, allowing you to easily see the bottom of the bong for any resin build-up. Plus, it is easy to clean and you can instantly bring it back to its original sparkle with a thorough wash.

In addition to picking your bong by material, you can also choose your water pipe by shape. There are different shapes available, with each one being built from almost any material. Some of the most popular bong shapes among consumers include a straight-tube bong, a round-based bong, a beaker-shaped bong, and a multi-chamber bong.

For example, straight-tube bongs are the most basic type of bong on the market. The tube is sealed at the end and has a stem, while a bowl pokes out from the side. It is easy to use as all you have to do is pour some water, load it, and light it up.

Is the bong suitable for long-term or medical use?

Although a bong can chill and filter smoke, it doesn’t protect you from the health risks associated with smoking.

If you’ve been using the bong regularly, it may be time to retire it on a bookshelf or use it as a vase and put some flowers in it. Experts recommend that you find another way to obtain cannabis if you intend to use it for therapeutic or recreational purposes. There are many options available depending on what you want and need.


Final thoughts

In addition to the traditional methods of consuming cannabis, bongs will always remain one of the most popular ways among consumers. Due to their numerous parts, they are known to provide a cleaner and smoother hit that no other consumption method can do. You can also find them in many designs and styles, all of which can accommodate every taste and style.

If you want to learn more about bongs, use our guide as a reference and read how water pipes can enhance your smoking experience.

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