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Blundstone has struck the perfect spot for users worldwide regarding Chelsea boots. Continue reading the article to find out why. This write-up will provide you with all the information you need before you buy your perfect pair of Blundstone boots.

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Why are Blundstone Boots So Popular?

Blundstone is one of the most well-known brands in Australia when it comes to boots. The primary reason is that this footwear has been a part of many celebrities’ wardrobes. Some of these personalities include the likes of Ellen Page and David Beckham.

More than the influencer glamour attached to this brand, the comfortable fit, high standards, and suitability for the Australian climate have made Blundstone popular in the market.

A Classic Piece of Footwear

One of the main reasons Blundstone is so popular as a brand is its boots’ classic, everlasting look. These footwears are not trend-bound and can never run out of style.

The versatility offered by these boots is another force to reckon with. The brand has a plethora of options for users of all age groups. Right from lace-up to gumboots, Blundstone has got all the styles covered.

The History

Blundstone was founded in 1870 in Tasmania and served as the boot supplier for the Australian troops in the First and Second World Wars. However, it wasn’t until 1969 that the brand launched its most iconic footwear, the 500 Series Chelsea Boots.

The Blundstone version of Chelsea boots was different because it didn’t auger to the typecast sleek and dressy look. It offered a combination of the simplicity of its casual boots with the ruggedness of its work boots, resulting in a lace-free design that one could wear quickly under any circumstances. It is the main reason why these boots became so famous.

How To Differentiate Between Blundstone Boot Models

Every Blundstone shoe falls under a specific design type and has a model number. As a result, it can often become tedious to choose the perfect pair of these boots.

It would make your job easier to know that the brand has two most popular designs – The Classic 550 and The Original 500. Most Blundstones are included within these two categories.

The most notable difference between the two designs is that The Classic 550 is a more luxurious, expensive material and offers more comfort than The Original 500. 

The Original 500 segment boots are made up of unlined leather. On the other hand, The Classic 550 shoes use a thicker leather exterior and lined interior. The 550 series offers removable insoles, whereas the 500s provide standard non-removable footbeds. 

The Classic 550 series is more durable and detailed than The Original 500s.

Besides these two prominent designs, Blundstone also offers a thermal series, dress series, and an Active series with slight variations in build and style.

Summing It Up

You have zillions of options to buy your ideal pair of boots in the Australian market. However, very few are as renowned and trustworthy as Blundstones. The sublime blend of simplicity and finesse makes them stand out from the crowd.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a pair of Blundstone boots today!

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