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There are many industry-leading tools used for collaboration, storage, and document management by businesses. Every owner is looking for an adaptable platform that helps in boosting the company on a larger scale. 

There is a great list of benefits of SharePoint as it is one of the most popular document management systems used globally.

We will be providing you solutions to the most frequent doubts people have related to SharePoint. 

What is SharePoint?

It is a web-based document management and collaboration platform. The primary purpose is to store information and provide ease of communication. If you operate the business from various locations, it might be challenging to ensure that every employee works in sync and achieves their goals.

The four concepts you must know while working with SharePoint:

  • Useful: The solution should provide a useful idea that moves towards the targets. A useful document will have built-in functionalities that will ease the process of document discovery, awareness, and team management. 
  • Usability: Your design must match the target audience’s requirements. Once users engage with the elements, they must be highly responsive and provide expected results. Achieving great usability requires a solution that addresses every provision of the user. 
  • Desirable: The ideal solution is to improve the user experience on your platform. The designers must focus on making the content more engaging and simple for the visitors. 
  • Adaptability: The UX design should be useful and informative. Focus on what happens when you integrate certain features or functionality into your SharePoint site. 

Only authorized users will be able to open, edit, share and edit the documents anywhere. This means the employees need secure browsers to access all the data. Microsoft SharePoint Online has many advanced and unique features to make data management effortless. 

What are the core principles of providing a better customer experience?

Certain practices govern your business in the market. Here is a curated list of principles that will enhance the process of SharePoint project management

1. Customizations should be capable of moving from one environment to another

It is crucial that there must be an environment other than the production and local development environment used to perform testing. The customizations should be maintained as features deployed on separate environments with maximum consistency and minimum efforts to ensure consistency. 

2. Secure the Standard SharePoint functionality 

There are several customizations done by manipulating and configuring the SharePoint functionalities. The framework has excellent components like content types, lists, libraries, web parts, and page layouts that might need a few tweaks to match your demands.

3. Provide ease of navigation on your platform 

The main purpose of SharePoint is to build site collections and manage the information efficiently. If your business deals with many sites, ensure they are tied together with sorted navigation. Every SharePoint site has different lists and libraries which can be grouped if required. 

4. Have a smooth document uploading process 

When it comes to sharing information with other users, businesses are already struggling while uploading or downloading documents. SharePoint makes this process effortless as documents can easily be uploaded and synchronized in real-time. After getting the required permissions, multiple users can work on a single copy and make edits. 

5. Seamless Integration

SharePoint integrates seamlessly with Microsoft business applications like Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel. The platform is highly compatible with web browsers like Edge, Chrome, Safari, Safari, and more to allow users to work on documents from anywhere.

6. Highly Secure

Microsoft SharePoint Online has advanced security features that authenticate users to avoid leaking any sensitive information. Data integrity is highly maintained while optimizing and sharing data.  

7. No Coding 

Software with complicated coding can become difficult for the customers to adapt to and ahead of the target. Here, businesses do not want to invest in technology that is difficult to handle. SharePoint Lookbook empowers enterprises to unlock the benefit by using the ready-to-use templates and launching their sites in just a few moments. 

8. Task Automation

The SharePoint workflow saves your time and efforts while bringing efficiency and consistency to the tasks. A chain of events happens when you deal with a SharePoint document or file. Users can automate the process by having approvals, track status, notifications to users during updates, and more. 

What are the use cases of Microsoft SharePoint online?

  • Upload Files: Drag files from your devices to the SharePoint document library. Or go to SharePoint Online and click on Upload from the command bar. 
  • Collaboration: You can click on the required document from the document library and start working on it. In the top right corner of the document, you can view the number of people working on the document. 
  • Share Sites: If you get the site owner permissions, click on Sites or SharePoint, select the site you plan to share and click on the Share button. The platform permits you to share sites or documents with people that are not a part of your organization
  • Team Site: If you work on Office 365, you have the freedom to build a site from the SharePoint home page, which is automatically created on Office 365 group. 
  • Versions: In SharePoint online, right-click on the document in a library and click on Version History to access the previous versions. This helps you to view the last edits and make changes if required. 

The Final Note!

After understanding the benefits of SharePoint, your business can take the help of the necessary tools to access the resources and materials. Keep your data more secure as SharePoint will address the security issues with its great features. 

This is a great choice for businesses that do not specialize in IT skills and require a fast solution with great features. 

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