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Evermerge game. Players with experience points gain the driving force to upgrade. In order to reach the next level, players must obtain the corresponding experience points. The player level will be displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. The acquisition of new recipes for characters ‘ snacks depends on the player ‘s level. In addition, as the level increases , players can use more new elements and mechanics of the game. There are some ways to help players quickly increase their experience. The following is an introduction to Evermerge. Quick upgrade method , come and see it together! If you want to know more about evermerge, you can check .

1. Combine more than 5 items

The easiest way to gain experience is to merge items, perform basic merges, such as combining the same 3 elements, players usually get a small amount of experience points, and no additional rewards. But if you are able to combine 5 or more items, then you will not only gain more experience and crown points, but also receive an additional bonus item.

If you don’t have 5 similar objects in the game , then you can wait a while, don’t rush to merge , but wait a while. Another thing to note is that if it ‘s an item that drops infrequently, then you should always combine it with 5 items so you can quickly assemble the chain and get the most pumping elements.

Evermerge also regularly hosts a three-day Merge Mania event, in which players can earn stars, or points, for the union you create . By entering a certain number of stars , you can receive prizes. The more you move on the event track The farther away, the better the reward . During the Merge Mania event, at least 5 items should be merged at a time, as this increases the star points earned and player experience points. In short , the higher the level of the merged item, the more activity points and experience points you will get.

2. Complete the story task

Evermerge ‘s story missions appear in the upper left corner of the game screen . Before each mission begins , the heroes have dialogues with each other, these dialogues are sometimes just normal plot dialogues, but the characters usually tell the player in the dialogue where to suggest where to complete the mission and how much to complete, some missions can be completed very quickly , Some missions take days. It doesn’t matter if some tasks can’t be solved right away , these tasks have no time limit so they won’t go away.

Completing story missions is the best way to level up the player , the scope of these missions usually requires the player to build things, unlock characters or chests , and collect certain types of resources, after completing each mission , the player also earns gold coins and rubies and energy rewards.

With this in mind, it is recommended that players establish an order for completing tasks , browse the available tasks to see which ones are easier and work on completing them. You can open a few chests quickly, for example, but the quest for the mine workload makes it possible to get chests, so it pays to complete the mine quest first , as it closes part of the quest with a treasure chest.

By completing story missions, players can get extra resources and move things around in the game, so that they can level up faster and unlock more land, and although you need a certain amount of experience points to level up, when you get the next piece When land is available you will also need to use the wand to clear the fog from the land.

The above is all about how to quickly upgrade Evermerge. If you want to know more Evermerge related guides and tips, please visit , they will continue to update you with more exciting content of Evermerge.

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