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Enter BIOS in HP laptop

BIOS is the first and foremost thing you encounter when you start your laptop. It contains all the personal settings that you wish to make in your laptop. Every company has its own procedure or hot key to enter the BIOS. But do you know how to enter BIOS in HP laptop?

If not, don’t worry. Today we will talk about how to enter BIOS in HP laptop.

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How to enter BIOS in HP laptop?


As computer systems have grown to be more technologically superior than ever, they boot up in seconds. Therefore, many PC users are not capable of seizing that tiny window to apply their hotkey. Hence this approach of entering BIOS can be finished through your laptop settings.

Step 1. Go to Windows settings

Navigate to your Windows start menu and select “Settings”. You will find it in the left panel. You can also get entry to your Windows setting by using the Windows shortcut keys Windows + I.

Step 2. Choose “Update & security”

Within this window, you may want to scroll right all the way down to locate the “Update & security” button.

Step 3. Click on “Recovery”

Step 4. Click “Restart now”

Under “Advanced startup” you’ll see a “Restart now” button that permits you to reboot the laptop for configuration or restoration. After your PC boots again, you will be met with a unique menu that offers you the choice to “Use a device,” “Turn off your PC,” “Continue,” or “Troubleshoot.”

Step 5. Select “Troubleshoot”

Now select “Advanced options”. Then select “UEFI Firmware Settings.” This will let you enter BIOS on your laptop.

Step 6. Confirm your restart

If your PC is strolling Windows 8.1 or Windows 8, these techniques can even work for your older operating system.


It may be too brief for you to have ever noticed, but your PC goes via a fast POST procedure to get your startup display loaded up as rapidly as it can. It is likewise within this tightly timed window that you could access your BIOS by clicking your PC’s specified hotkey.

Unfortunately, exclusive PC manufacturers were all on distinct pages while designating a definitive BIOS key. HP laptops normally use F10 or the escape key.

DEL and F2 have a tendency to be the most famous hotkeys for PCs. However, if you’re uncertain of what your brand’s hotkey is, I have also provided a list of common BIOS keys by brands that can help you.

Pressing your assigned BIOS hotkey at the same time as your pc boots up ought to retrieve the BIOS setup utility display screen you’re searching for.

For example, on an HP EliteBook, HP Pavilion, HP Stream, HP ENVY, HP OMEN, and more, pressing the F10 key simply as your PC status comes up will lead you to the BIOS setup display screen.

Some producers require repeated hotkey presses, and a few require another button to be pressed similarly to the hotkey. To first-rate equip yourself with the most correct information, take a look at your PC’s user guide or the manufacturer’s website.

  1. ASUS – F2 for PCS, DEL or F2 for motherboards
  2. Acer – DEL or F2
  3. Dell – F12 or F2
  4. HP – F10 or ESC
  5. Lenovo thinkpads – Enter + F1
  6. Lenovo desktops – F1
  7. Origin PC – F2
  8. Microsoft surface tablets – Press and hold volume up
  9. MSI – DEL
  10. Samsung – F2
  11. Toshiba – F2
  12. Sony – F1, F2, or F3

Frequently asked questions

How do I find the BIOS on my HP laptop?

Step 1: Type “Command Prompt” in the search bar.

Step 2: Click on the Command Prompt Desktop App

Step 3: Type “wmic bios get serialnumber”

Step 4: Press “Enter”

Where is the F10 key on HP laptop?

The F10 key is at the top of the keyboard. It is used to activate the menu bar.

What does BIOS stand for?

Basic Input/Output System

What is the F11 key on an HP laptop?

The F11 key allows the user to activate full-screen in the browser.

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