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To cope with cold weather, humans have invented several machines, heaters being on top of them. It can cost you a lot if you don’t control your heating needs. You are ultimately putting a dent in your budget. It can be due to faulty heaters that consume more energy resulting in high energy bills or high energy charges. To cope with these problems energy efficient heaters are invented. To install these energy-efficient heaters, you should seek help from professional HVAC companies in Boston because professionals know machines like air conditioners and heaters better than we do. An electric heater powered by the main electric supply is very efficient because it converts energy into heat with minimal electricity. 

How to Determine whether a Heater Installed by HVAC Companies in Boston is Energy Efficient or not?

Hiring an HVAC company is quite expensive and risky because you are paying such a big amount without knowing whether they are installing the right machine or not. If you want to install an energy-efficient heater, look for a reliable company with the proper experience and skilled technicians. Going through the following points can detect whether they have placed an energy-efficient heater or not. 

Determine the AFUE rating of your heater 

The best way to determine the efficiency of your heater is to look at the heater’s annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). It shows how efficiently the heater can convert fuel into energy in percentage. The lower the AFUE rating is, the less efficient your heater is and vice versa. For example, if the AFUE rating of your heater is 96%, then it means that only 4% of the fuel’s energy is lost, and the rest is converted into heat. In the past, heaters with 56% of AFUE ratings were used. If you want to be sure that the heaters installed by HVAC companies in Boston are energy efficient, then look at the user’s manual or check the sticker mostly located inside the furnace cabinet. If you cannot find that, ask the manufacturer or contractor and search online. In temperate climates, a heater with an 80% rating is sufficient. 

Consider the age of your heater 

If you have checked the original AFUE rating on the heater installed by the best HVAC company like Home Service Doctor and it is ok, then the next thing you should check is the heater’s age. See if the company has installed a new heater because, every year, there is a 5% decline in heaters’ AFUE rating resulting in more energy consumption. The average lifespan of a home heater is about 15-20 years. The next thing you should do is, consider the original AFUE rating and heaters’ age and do little calculation. If both go parallel, you should be carefree, considering that the HVAC company has done a great job. 

Comparing energy bills 

Replacing your existing heating system with a new one can be because you have a faulty machine or it is costing you way too much because of high energy consumption. After replacing the system, if you see no change in billing, then chances are that your  HVAC company in Boston, MA, has scammed you. So it is mandatory to select the best HVAC company in Boston that has a good reputation, outstanding online reviews, and has been in the market for quite some time, has technicians who have training in both formal and apprentice-style training.


Through the points mentioned above, you can be able to detect if the company has installed an energy-efficient heating system or not. It is highly advised to do your research properly, ask people around, especially those who have installed heating systems recently, ask about their experience with the company, and also look online. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How often should HVAC filters be changed?

You should change HVAC filters after every three months or 90 days. It also depends upon the number of people living in the area, whether there are any pets, the age of your system, and the air quality in the area. Sometimes, the filter replacement is relatively easy and convenient if it is a wall-mounted system.

Is it necessary to have HVAC serviced every year?

Yes, getting your HVAC serviced every year is essential because it helps predict any falls in the coming future. Also, it soothes and directs any obstructions or unknown issues that cannot be perceived through regular maintenance. A professional test by some HVAC companies in Boston should be conducted to see if the HVAC is efficient enough to deal with this place’s heating or cooling load.

What happens if you don’t change the HVAC filter?

If you don’t change the HVAC filter after the limit, the dirt and debris clog it and cause permanent obstruction, leading to poor airflow. The air passing through a dirty filter will also be polluted, carrying many microorganisms causing diseases. The restricted airflow also causes a strain on the system, which makes the system have to work harder.

How many filters does an HVAC system have?

The number of filters depends on the type and the size of the HVAC. In an average house, two filters are enough to deal with the heating and cooling load considering the footage of the place.

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