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It’s been a long wait, but the Covid-19 pandemic is finally coming to an end. Soon we will all be able to start enjoying life in the great outdoors again and bring the bikes back out. Whether it’s to cycle to work or wake up your inner cyclist every Sunday: we’re almost there. You decide this year to play the comfort card and buy an electric bike?

We take stock of the advantages and disadvantages of this type of machine for you and provide you with some useful advice when purchasing. For your info, if you want to run ebike business, now is your time! You can easily find on the Internet, some wholesale electric bike manufacturer companies that provide different ebike types at low prices.

The advantages of an electric bicycle

electric bike
advantages of an electric bicycle

Comfortable: An electric bike is more comfortable than its classic equivalent. The electric assistance saves your efforts when pedaling and allows you to move forward without problem even on hills or in strong winds.

Ideal for long distances: The e-bike is ideal for covering long distances. And for anyone who wants to make the journey between home and work easier, the e-bike is also the perfect solution.

Fast: You pedal faster. As a result, you get to your destination faster. On an electric bike, you effortlessly reach a speed of 25 kilometers per hour, which is significantly more painful to achieve on a conventional bike.

Eco-Friendly: Obviously it’s no greener than a good old classic bicycle, but it gets so when you use it to cover a long distance that you would otherwise have done while driving your car or using public transport. In this way, the electric bike increases your mobility. In addition, the battery of an electric bike is in most cases recyclable. While driving, you do not emit CO2 and, to recharge your battery, you consume approximately 2% of the amount of CO2 emitted by a car.

Bike allowance: Do you use your e-bike to get to your workplace? In this case, just like for a conventional bicycle, you are entitled to a bicycle allowance of 23 cents per kilometer. This non-taxable allowance, your employer can deduct at 100%.

Cycling is good for your health (but …): It is obvious that the classic bicycle remains the healthiest of the options, since you are the one making all the efforts. But it’s all good to take, and riding an electric bike is still better than driving.

A classic e-bike helps you up to 25 km / h and you choose how much effort you want to put in or who pedal more to ride faster and healthier. Not to mention the impact on your mental health: exercise in the great outdoors reduces stress and improves sleep. e-bike reviews

A bonus: Many cities and towns entitle you to a bonus when you purchase an electric bicycle. The goal is usually that you abandon your car.

The disadvantages of the electric bike

electric bike
disadvantages of the electric bike

Quite expensive: E-bikes come in all price ranges, but regardless, a quality e-bike will be more expensive than a regular bike. You will find it below the thousand dollar mark, but for a version with more options, you will have to pay double or even triple.

Its weight: An electric bicycle very often weighs five kilograms more than a regular model. On the other hand, many e-bikes have assistance that allows you to move them more easily when you dismount or guide them by hand.

Limited range: It’s hard to define an average range, but assuming you have a 300 watt / hr battery and put your assist on ‘low’ you can theoretically go 90 miles or so. By counting on perfect conditions in terms of wind, temperature and road. In reality, it is therefore very optimistic to count on 90 kilometers.

electric bike

For cycling enthusiasts, the battery capacity will prove to be too limited, especially when you know that the battery loses capacity over time. You can of course choose to pedal more to gain miles, but on some e-bikes and because of the resistance of the motor, pedaling without assistance can be harder than on a regular bike.

Expensive to maintain: An e-bike is technically more complex than a conventional bike, and therefore more expensive to maintain or to have repaired. The battery also needs to be replaced after a while, a cost that of course you don’t have to bear with a regular bike.

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