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While plastic bags were widely used for packaging a decade earlier, slowly the environmental damage caused by these plastic bags is being confirmed. Hence increasingly people are looking for eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bags for packaging. Kraft paper packaging products are some of the most affordable and ecofriendly packaging materials available, so many businesses are looking for a reliable supplier of bags made from kraft paper in Singapore. Some of the main considerations while selecting the right supplier for paper bags are discussed.

Products being packaged.

Typically a business using kraft paper bags will be selling a range of products of different sizes. While some businesses, especially jewellery stores will require packaging of smaller sizes, in other cases, the bags required for packaging will differ in size. So the business should analyze their sales to find out which products are being sold often and then based on the frequency of product sales, they should order paper bags accordingly. Though the requirement for paper bags may change in future, usually the requirement for paper bags of different sizes will not change very quickly


Some of the reputed manufacturers of paper bags have already done a detailed analysis of the demand for paper bags of various sizes, and are listing the popular sizes on their websites, so that customers can directly order, the paper bags of the required sizes. Many businesses prefer to purchase A4 portrait size paper bags, since a wide range of products can be easily fitted in this size paper bag including wine bottles, flower bouquets and files. Landscape A4 size bags are also popular for some applications, especially for clothes, books and some food products. Ordering larger quantities of paper bags are usually cheaper


The design of the paper bag should also be checked, especially the weight the bag can carry without breaking. Typically A4 size bags are designed to carry a weight of at least three kilos. Since the bottom of the bag will carry all the weight, the weight should be reinforced, often using multiple layers of kraft paper. The thickness of the paper bag should also be checked, thicker paper bags can be often reused multiple times. Better-designed paper bags usually have handles made from cotton rope, so that the user can carry the paper bag comfortably for a longer period of time. It is easy to fold and store paper bags when they are not being used.


Usually, most of the paper bags used for packaging purposes are brown in colour, since they are not bleached and cheaper. Additionally bleaching the paper bag will reduce the paper strength while increasing the cost of the bag. However, the paper bag can be easily customized according to the buyer’s requirement, printing the company logo or other design on the bag to make it unique. Alternately labels, stickers or other artwork can be applied to the paper bag according to the client’s requirement. Though most businesses purchase standard sizes of paper bags, it is possible to make paper bags in a specific size, though the cost may be higher.


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