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The eClinicalWorks EMR software offers a variety of robust features; it can be daunting to select the ones that best serve your healthcare facility. Many healthcare experts struggle to ensure the optimal selection of eClinicalWorks medical software features, products, and integrations. The right way to leverage the maximum potential of this electronic medical records system to determine your unique workflow patterns, practice goals, and challenges. Whether you are optimizing the features you have been previously using or implementing this software for the first time, there are many opportunities within this software system that your practice can benefit from. Let’s now move forward to explore the features that are really worth your time and investment. 

eClinicalWorks EMR – An Overview

eClinicalWorks EMR medical software solution offers an-inclusive, cloud-based healthcare IT platform that helps providers improve care quality, reduce errors, and lower costs. Key offerings of this fully-functional system include EHR, Practice Management, Patient Engagement, Revenue Cycle Management, and Telemedicine Services. The software entered the healthcare industry in 1999, with goals to make practices paperless and provide maximum functionality to improve patient care. 

This popular electronic health recording platform offers robust solutions for clinical documentation, electronic prescribing, patient engagement, and more. Many healthcare professionals rely on it to streamline day-to-day tasks like patient scheduling, charting, billing, and data analytics. With groundbreaking features like Healow and Eva, eClinicalWorks software has emerged as a major player in the healthcare IT sector. Medical practices are using e to improve their revenue performance as well as their quality of treatment and service.

Top eClinicalWorks EMR features you should consider

Below are the top eClinicalWorks EHR features and solutions that users love and recommend using:

  • Patient Portal

The patient portal feature of this software is designed to help patients keep track of their health. It allows them to pay bills, schedule appointments, communicate with providers, view discharge summaries, and get follow-up notifications. The Healow patient portal app is a comprehensive health and lifestyle management tool that connects effortlessly to a patient’s devices. In addition, you can use it to obtain current data on weight, blood pressure, and the quality of sleep to effectively manage the health of your patients. As per user reviews, this feature alone makes the eClinicalWorks cost worth it. 

  • eClinicalWorks Mobile App

You and your practice staff must be able to access the Cloud Based EHR whenever and wherever you need it. eClinicalWorks software allows you to examine patient records, schedule appointments, refill medications, and document encounters on the go using its iPad app. The app does have some limitations when compared to the desktop version, but it allows you to stay connected with your patients. “eClinicalMobile” is another app offered by the software that provides useful services like voice recognition functionality. It also allows you to access patient data on the go. 

  • Eva – Virtual Assistant

Another highly appreciated feature of the software is Eva, the eClinicalWorks Virtual Assistant. It is the first embedded virtual assistant in the industry that helps practitioners increase productivity and save time by avoiding extra clicks. The virtual assistant makes appointment scheduling a breeze. It even lets you compare test findings, examine medical data, and generate flow sheets. You can also use this feature to help your practice staff members improve their knowledge. 

  • Telehealth

eClinicalWorks EMR is a popular telemedicine service provider in the US. You can benefit from this technology even if you use a different EMR provider. This HIPAA-compliant technology lets you conduct secure remote care sessions. Many users rely on this solution because it does not require patients to download an app or get a browser extension to attend the virtual visit. Patients and providers can initiate a virtual care session by simply clicking on a link. Moreover, you can share your screen to discuss diagnosis and treatment plans with patients quickly. Book an eClinicalWorks demo to try out this feature in real-time. 

  • Electronic Prescribing

The electronic prescribing feature in this software allows you to securely prescribe medications to your patients. You can electronically transfer prescriptions to a patient’s preferred pharmacy. This feature also notifies you in case of any drug-to-drug or drug-to-allergy interactions based on a patient’s medication history. In addition, the software that you follow and satisfy the drug administrative regulations. Overall, it reduces the need for handwritten prescriptions and helps improve patient safety.

Overview of Benefits

  • The software recognizes the health patterns and suggests diagnosis. It also provides analytics to help you evaluate the clinical and financial performance of your practices. All this makes the eClinicalWorks pricing worth it.
  • It allows patients to participate more actively throughout their treatment process. In addition to communication with providers, patients can use the portal to view their lab results and progress notes. 
  • eClinicalWorks EHR software allows healthcare providers to spend less time documenting and charting patient information and more time focusing on improving healthcare outcomes. It reduces the number of errors and helps providers deliver the best possible quality of care to their patients. 

eClinicalWorks EHR Reviews

Here’s an overview of what users have to say about eClinicalWorks medical software:.


  • Provides a powerful telemedicine solution, Healow.
  • Its user interface is completely customizable. 
  • The vendor gives new clients complimentary conversion packages and on-site training for small practices. 


  • Some users feel that the ticketing system of the software isn’t as efficient as it should be. 
  • The system sometimes lags a bit. 

eClinicalWorks Pricing

The basic pricing plan for eClinicalWorks software starts at $499 per provider, per month. They offer a more advanced and comprehensive range of services for $599 per provider, per month. You can also schedule an eClinicalWorks demo to get tangible proof of the software’s functionality.

Final Thoughts

eClinicalWorks EMR offers several innovative features that help practices improve clinical and financial performance. When you develop a clear understanding of your organization’s unique workflows, current goals, and challenges, an eClinicalWorks software optimization expert can help you get the most out of the software’s features, products, and integrations.

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