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EasyFit products eliminate variable and unstable vision for your soft topic patients.  With EasyFit, the cornea is vaulted, and a soft landing is provided on the scleral. With this design, patients have extremely stable vision because the scleral does not move.

Soft lenses are not comfortable because they are soft.

Having a large diameter means they move less across the cornea and are therefore more comfortable. The EasyFit doesn’t move across the cornea at all but is significant as a soft contact lens. Wearers of EasyFit find its comfort comparable to a soft contact lens while at the same time experiencing exceptional clarity and crispness in their vision.


The energy harvesting and management capabilities of self-powered wireless switches and sensors are impressive.


With wireless technologies, you can customize the configuration of your rooms precisely as you wish.

With no limits

An expansion of the system can be made with no maintenance required and no limit on flexibility.

Saving energy

With EasyFit products, you won’t have to worry about building code requirements, such as Title 24, or about wasting energy.

A cost-saving

Using self-powered and wireless solutions can reduce the cost of installation, maintenance, and renovation.

Flexible and fast installation

Installation and configuration are quick and easy thanks to maintenance-free and wireless solutions.

Wireless and self-powered Easyfit solutions

Easyfit for EnOcean systems

Sensors, actuators, and switches are self-powered and easily integrated with other interoperable hardware systems using the EnOcean wireless standard. easyfit is a portfolio that can be used for both new constructions and retrofitting. In smart buildings, you connect a transmitter and receiver. In residential buildings, you do the same thing. You can integrate this basic setup into existing systems and extend it to suit your needs.


Double / Single Rocker Pads for Easyfit

Easy installation is a benefit of self-powered wireless controls. The Single and Double Rocker Pads use EnOcean energy harvesting technology to communicate wirelessly with other Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Advertising devices. Controlling the temperature, lighting, and other electric loads is convenient with these devices.

Whenever the rocker pad is pressed, it generates enough energy to send wireless Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Advertising messages. The rocker pads never require batteries because the simple act of pressing them transmits data to other devices. Using the NFC (ISO 14443) interface, you can configure either the Single or Double Rocker Pads.

Motion Detector with Illuminator for Easyfit

Easyfit motion detection with an illumination sensor is a self-powered unit that detects motion through passive infrared (PIR) to determine people’s location and light level by measuring the light level.

According to the EnOcean BLE sensor specification, the sensor communicates movement and measured illumination through BLE advertising telegrams.

Most EMDCs operate independently from external power sources regardless of whether they are powered by electricity or natural light. Therefore, the ceiling-mounted unit is flexible and does not require any wiring.

The integrated NFC interface allows the user to configure key parameters of EMDC. An additional button and LED provide a simple user interface, so the configuration is simple without requiring different tools.


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