E-Cigarettes facts and dangers to know before using

E-Cigarettes facts and dangers to know before using

March 20, 2019 0 By Anonymus

E-Cigarettes – Superheroes in Disguise?

The world has only been progressing since the time of the Enlightenment Era. Time immemorial we have never looked back ever since the Scientific Revolution. Man has been creating and discovering products not just as his necessity but also for his own luxury.  Moreover, we have come so far in development that in a way it’s not a blessing anymore. You need to know some E-Cigarettes facts before using them.

Christopher Columbus introduced tobacco to the Europeans in 1490’s and ever since the use of it has spread to all corners of the world. With the grown use of tobacco the youth of today and the adults suffer through a lot of diseases that are caused by the intake of tar and carcinogens at much higher rate than non-smokers. The ratios though vary at a large scale.

From “hookahs” we switched to cigarettes and cigars which turned out to be even more harmful. In today’s stressful world, nicotine sure helps to calm one’s body and mind. The best thing is that nicotine is a psychostimulant and not a sedative. The calming effect is just a placebo.  But there are better ways to use this psychoactive substance – snuff comes to mind first as the most healthy way to ingest nicotine. But another product came into light recently – Vapes a.k.a the Electronic cigarettes or just e-cigs. Will they revolutionize the way we consume nicotine? Or are they just another fancy gadgets that will disappear from the market in a few years? Let’s find out some E-Cigarretes facts to make a conclusion.

What are the e-cigarettes exactly?

E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that can be charged and recharged every time they run out of battery. There are a lot of views on the commencement of vapes in the market. It was said that they are more harmful than cigarettes itself, but people saying that seems to be somehow connected to the big tobacco corporations.

There haven’t been many scientific researches done on the toxicity of inhaling “vape juices” but it’s logical that they should be a lot less harmful than traditional cigs. And they are a much less harmful alternative to tobacco cigarettes indeed. You don’t inhale any carcinogens or tarry substances since you vaporize the liquid, not burn it.

A lot of tobacco companies tried to retaliate the launch of E-cigarettes saying that they are a bigger threat than traditional cigarettes. According to most of the people who know anything about the subject E-cigarettes are less dangerous than cigarettes but they equally contribute to nicotine addiction.

Are all these a myth ? Let us dig in some E-Cigarettes facts !

According to a scientist named Levy et. al. if all smokers on the planet earth will switch to E-cigarettes millions of lives can be saved. The basic difference between E-cigarette and cigarette is that the E-cigarette can be consumed without the nicotine.

In fact, studies show that a lot of youth use liquids with 0% nicotine content rather than going with the ones that have a lot of nicotine in them.Vaping through acting as a boon for cigarette smokers can also act as a bane for non-smokers as they are getting addicted to smoking, be it a vape or a cigarette.

A lot people are trying everything in their wits to stop the consumption of E-cigarettes by giving examples like the E-cigarettes catching fire while they are in consumers hands. But it’s rather a problem of cheap, chinese batteries used in them and not the vapes themselves.

However, as already stated above technology doesn’t only provide us with a better experience. Studies show that the tobacco business holders are in opposition to the consumption of E-cigarettes because this particularly is hampering their own business. Society today is more monetary than humane.

E-Cigarettes facts , side effects of vaping , vaping vs smoking

    According to research, vaping is the reason why cigarette smoking has reached an all-time low amongst the youth and otherwise.  Why will anyone not go for something which provides almost the same feel with no threat to one’s own life? Apart from this, many cheap vaping deals have acted as a catalyst to the whole E-cigarette market bringing in more consumer and buyers and acting as a threat to the tobacco companies.

There’s a possibility that once a tobacco company or the whole tobacco industry achieves a monopoly over the sale of E-cigarettes, it will raise the prices to the point when it’ll no longer be economical to vape. E-cigs would then be gadgets for enthusiasts. Other people who have by now got addicted to vaping will have no other option but to turn towards the consumption of cigarettes which in turn will be – let’s be real – deadly to them. So this way the cigarette industry will not only save its market value but also increase the customers, even though with odd measures. This policy is not a myth. It has already been done in India and Malaysia.

E-Cigarettes facts: Let us now see how vaping can save lives as claimed by many

One of the biggest examples that has been stated in this article is that the vapes eliminate the consumption of carcinogens and tarry substances while also satisfying the nicotine craving at the same time. So, as a result, they don’t cause lung cancer and the E-cigarette users have a much lesser chance of getting deadly lung diseases.

E-Cigarettes Facts , side effects of vaping , vaping vs smoking

Consumption of e-cigarettes also resulted in lesser heart diseases such as heart attacks and many others which otherwise are prominent when one smoke tobacco.

E-cigarettes are highly beneficial for drug addicts.  Here is why e-cigarettes help the drug addicts to clench their craving for the drug by providing the almost same dopamine stimulation and relaxation effect on the brain as the drugs. It’s way healthier to vape rather than getting addicted to heroin and other fatal drugs.

But one most important reason how vaping saves lives is that it doesn’t cause passive smoking as all that comes out from the vaper’s lungs is only steam, not smoke. It eliminates passive smoking and hence is healthier for vaper’s family, friends and the environment.

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E-Cigarettes facts:Vaping is the future

We can positively say that vapes are the upgraded versions of cigarette with equal stimulation and much much lesser negative impact on the user’s health. They provide relaxation and stimulation without the cost of living being at stake for anyone who uses  them. Vaping is modernity defined at its very best form.


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