DXRacer Vs Secretlab: Which is Better for You?

DXRacer Vs Secretlab: Which is Better for You?

March 9, 2021 0 By Rahul Pandey

In the gaming chair manufacturing industry, DXRacers and Secretlab emerge as the popular and best manufacturers right now. They stand out of the rest due their expertise in designing quality chairs for offices and workstations.

However, there are several aspects that contribute to the large following they have. The quality of their production sums it all. Let’s enlighten readers to day the best of the best between these two brands.

DXRacer Vs Secretlab: Which is Better for You?

 Everyone requires optimum comfort while doing office duties or busy trying to win over a tight game. If this is the experience you need, then you require nothing other than a quality and comfortable chair. DXRacers and Secretlab manufacturers have done their part in constructing quality chairs that provide us optimum comfort. But who between them stands out as the winner?

Now, declaring the best between these brands is not a simple calculation. We need to discuss first a few aspects about them in detail. For there, we shall know who has weight over the other. Let’s discuss a few comparison elements in these two brands of chairs.


 When choosing a gaming chair, this element takes an upper hand as the most essential of all. Ergonomics entails the designing and assembling process. Manufacturers will look unto a lot of things during this time to ensure they set something that suits customers.
Remember, you lack an idea of the period you will use the chair each time. At times, you might have plenty of work to handle in the office. Consequently, your gaming sessions might take up a lot of time. In such occasions, you need a chair offering you more health benefits when using it for longer periods.

XRacer chairs have a combination of the armrest, headrest to provide the upper body excellent support. Consequently, They have perfectly built back that fits the spine and thereby enabling you to work longer periods without straining.

Secretlab chairs on the other hand get designed stable and much supportive. They also have head and back cushions to give the entire body optimum support while seated.

Build Quality

The quality of a product is among the determinants of price it costs. Usually, we have in mind that any expensive product is of high quality. Probability of such allegations are next to one. We usually get or provide what we pay for.
Both these chair brands quote higher prices on their products. However, the prices they charge are worth what they offer. First, the backing of these chairs get designed from meshes. You will spend your time comfortable and cool while accomplishing your duties. Moreover, they all construct their chairs with durable and sturdy metal parts.
Furthermore, they feature similar armrests. What they differ is the weight they can support. DXRacers supports a maximum weight of 450 lbs. while Secretlab can only hold a maximum of 290 lbs. Therefore, considering your weight, you can make a decision what to go for between the two.

Construction Material

Thirdly, we have the material as a comparison element of these two brands. Mostly, the time we sit on our chairs we expose them to sweat as well as friction. Therefore, you are required to select a brand made of quality material. Here, we mean that the chair won’t wear as first due to these agents.

Now, the DXRacers get designed using different salient fabrics. The PU leather for instance is a material for almost all gaming chairs. This fabric is not only easy to wipe and clean but also waterproof.
Moreover, other existing salient materials around include the PVC that last longer. However, their downside is that they offer the lowest comfort levels than even the PU leather.

The Secretlab manufacturers on the other hand employ the 2.0 PU leather in their construction. The only problem with this fabric is the sole concept. You must clean it regularly to prevent it from wearing faster. In addition, placing it on direct sunlight will make the material rip off fast.


Every person purchases a product that suits the need at hand. If you’re big-bodied, you need a chair that fits you right. Likewise, a small-bodied person should go for a smaller option that fits the body excellently. Therefore, there is a need to have a variety of designs we can decide what to purchase.

In the variety aspect, DXRacers takes a win over the Secretlab brand. DXRacers offers up to 12 series of chairs to their customers to choose what suits them right. However, Secretlab features only four series of chairs of their make. Consequently, the color palette is greatly considered here. DXRacers offers their customers up to 10 different color chairs. However, Secretlab are limited in the color option of their productions.


The price of these products means a lot when selecting the brand to buy. Every person loves products that cost relatively cheaper. However, mind a lot of the quality when considering this selection element.

Both these brands design quality chairs. Therefore, their prices are also at the top of the shelves. The least expensive DXRacer chair goes at a cost of around $290. The Secretlab brand on the other hand sells their cheapest chair at around $300.

On their high end options, we have a slightly big difference. Expensive DXRacers cost around $800 while their counterparts go for up to $1000. Actually, you need to plan well before deciding on the brand to pay for. Before closing your deal with the seller, consider the products specs a lot. Make a list of possible options that will solve your problem. Choose a model that is worth the coins you leave behind.


From these aspects, both the brands are worth the value. However, DXRacers have advanced higher to take over the space due to various reasons. For instance, variety is paramount when presenting a product for sale. DXRacers prove to offer all choices for the customers to choose. The price as well is a bit lower compared to their counterparts. Choose and pay wisely.


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