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YouTube star best known for his Minecraft videos. He is arguably the most popular content creator to do well. He has one of the fastest growing channels in all of YouTube history. By 2022, Dream has a dream net worth of $ 2 million.


The real name of the online star is Clay, until recently who is Dream IRL and face reveal were the main questions asked bout the star. She was born on August 12, 1999 and lives in Orlando, Florida with a 15 -year -old sister. TommyInnit, Clay’s close friend, has called her “Drista”. Clay has two more siblings.

He is a midfielder for the high school flag football team and enjoys playing basketball and football in his spare time. She suffers from ADHD, which makes it difficult for her to concentrate in class.

Despite his circumstances, he graduated from high school in 2018. He skipped college because he knew enough about technology to get a job in the industry and once worked at AppleCare.

YouTube Careers

Clay started uploading consistent content in July 2019. He made a lot of video ideas for Minecraft and thus became famous. In one video, he uses the opposite technical method he learned in a public forum to find the seeds of the Minecraft world of playing PewDiePie.

He also organized many game competitions. The Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters GRAND FINALE video is listed among the seven most popular videos currently on YouTube Rewind 2020.

Dreaming about gaining an in -depth understanding of YouTube’s algorithms. In just over a year, he was able to gain 10 million customers. He now has 28.7 Jacksepticeye’s net worth customers.


The unusual trade in ender pearls and flint droplets was documented and analyzed in a report dated December 11, 2020. Clay stated that he had neither the desire nor the ability to artificially increase his chances through fraud.

The latest personal video clip of a Minecraft user using a “Dream” holder that mentions the word “n” appeared online on March 25, 2021. He responded on Twitter, stating that it wasn’t his account.

He was also involved in two dramas that took place on Twitter. YouTuber friend Jawsh told him the booth culture wasn’t great. John Swan also once tweeted that the anonymous player was an idiot.

source of income

Although he has been involved in some controversy, Dream is certainly a successful character. He and GeorgeNotFound founded Dream Junior, a personal Minecraft Survival Multiplayer (Junior) server. The live stream of Junior Dreams is watched by almost a million people.

Each YouTube Dream video upload earns at least $ 15,000. In addition to regular content, Dream occasionally uploads music to its channels.

He is involved in projects outside of YouTube. MrBeast Burger introduced Dream Burger as a limited time addition to its menu. He also sells items such as shirts, hoodies and t-shirts on his own site.

Private life

Dream has a romantic relationship with someone named Sam. However, he is accused of cheating on her several times and they end their romance well. Clay is single.

He now makes thousands of dollars every month by putting his public brand (see intellectual property) on one side and his personal identity on the other. So much for the net worth and source of income of your dreams.

On August 22, 2019, Dream launched DreamXD on YouTube. There you will find some funny videos, as well as additional parts of his Minecraft movies. Dreamer’s main channel on YouTube is Dream Team. Dream Music, Dream Shorts and Minecraft Hunt.

He has over 30 million followers and makes thousands of dollars every time he uploads a video to any channel. However, if you look at the things we implement in our link directory and compare them to the things Google does, we really beat them.

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