Top Dental Doctor: Dr. Ali AlSaqoby Shares His insights on the Evolution of Dentistry and Its Latest Technologies and Trends

Top Dental Doctor: Dr. Ali AlSaqoby Shares His insights on the Evolution of Dentistry and Its Latest Technologies and Trends

March 13, 2021 0 By Rahul Pandey

The whole world had witnessed a tremendous surge of technology advancements in several fields and industries. Dentistry is one of the most evolving industries thanks to this advancement. Procedures nowadays are relatively more rapid and convenient. But according to the world-renowned dentist: Dr. Ali AlSaqoby .

“It is just the beginning and the world is yet to see the real face of advanced dentistry that is evolving each day to provide, optimal convenience not only for the patients but also the dental professionals”. The best way to get an overview of the latest technology is to take it from one of the best! So, we will share Dr. Ali AlSaqoby insights that are present online.

His insights on the evolution of dentistry in terms of latest technologies and trends is as the following:

Digitalization of dentistry

From documents being digitalized to the treatment turning digital. It is arguably one of the most rising technology in the digital dentistry world is taking a digital mold/impression due to its many benefits.

According to Dr. Ali “They are fast, convenient, accurate and notably more tolerable to the patient especially, with the individuals that have a gag reflex and or anxious”. The doctor added “Avoiding the use of conventional impression materials can eliminate the errors that may come with their use and in many cases warrants a remake”

Utilizing Social media

It is a rising trend among professionals, and as a social media star, Dr. Ali has the best of two worlds! He mentioned that one of the main tools that need to be used for a professional to strive in this competitive industry is through social media! Moreover, the patient can clear their doubts and communicate easily with a professional. Furthermore, it is easy to build a network with doctors worldwide to share knowledge and experience.

3D printing technology

The technology of 3D printing had managed to revolutionize many industries, including the dental industry. According to Dr. Ali “This technology is already implemented for several years and the usage of it is increasing with time, as it gets developed further in terms of material properties, and the technology becoming more affordable”.

Laser technology

The word “laser” had always had a futuristic connotation to it. We are hearing about laser technology for a while now in the dental world. According to Dr. Ali “It is used mainly in pediatric cases involving cavities, and in adults’ cases that involves inflammation of teeth and gums, it also plays an integral role in surgical procedures too”

This brings us to the end of the phenomenal young dentist insights. There is no doubt that the future of dentistry, is looking very promising and convenient for those that wish to keep their pearly whites safe and clean!

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