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Astrology is not only about religious practices, beliefs, or divination, and it is well-crafted by mathematical science from the knowledge of the planets and stars. Babylonians developed astrology, which was further developed in other parts of the world. In India, there is a lot of faith and religious ideology. The importance of astrology itself has given astrology a lot of significance and dedication; it plays a crucial role in one’s decision of life and clarity of mind. Every astrological prediction and suggestion are taken very seriously in India.

Whatever the occasion, astrology is welcomed in marriage matchmaking, career fields, personality traits, strengths, time for important deeds, weakness of one’s character, etc. or anything related to life problems. Dependence on astrology became the nature of people through time. It was accepted that the movement of stars and celestial bodies was beyond human control and scope and their effects on life. But the steady development in astrology has given humans knowledge to be prepared and align them better with the greater energies.

One must be aware of Do’s and don’ts while consulting an astrologer in New York. All the precautions while consulting an astrologer. Astrology is a science, and if used ideally, it opens the path to success, but misusing astrology tips leads to non-successive.

Do You Know What-

  • If you try things in a hurry, that may lead to non-successive astrology.
  • Buying stuff at an inauspicious or wrong time will generate problems in life.
  • All the rituals have to be done at the right time.
  • Wearing gemstones which are not suitable may lead to non-successive.

Don’ts Of Astrology-

  • Do not expect that every prediction will be accurate every time.
  • Do not blindly believe any suggestions. Discuss your concern with your astrologer.
  • Do not blame your astrologer for any unpredictable outcomes.
  • Do not get confused or hesitate during the consulting time with your astrologer.
  • Do not wear any rosary or beads of rudraksha, Perl, sphatik or crystal or even any gemstones without proper guidance, and it can harm your relationship, health and wealth. 
  • Wearing gemstones as per the zodiac sign may cause unwanted problems.
  • Wearing gemstones on the wrong finger will also create unnecessary disturbances in your life; take proper guidance from an experienced astrologer.
  • Chanting spells or mantras wrongly will also cause problems in your life; many types of doshas may arise, which will create different kinds of issues.
  • Wear spiritual items with faith and follow the procedure instructed by your astrologer. 

Do’s Of Astrology-


  • Take the service of a reputed and reliable Indian astrologer in New York, who have the best knowledge in gems and stone.
  • Always provide the correct birth information.
  • Timing is essential in astrology; the wrong time will be inaccurately read. 
  • Be very clear with your consultant, like ask your doubts without hesitation and try to become comfortable with him.
  • Be very specific about your questions; it will help make a good bond with your consultant, which is crucial for your meetings. 
  • Astrologers are not magicians, but they are scholars; they do calculations according to the given information, so you must be 100% correct and very precise about your life.
  • Any rituals and pooja will take place with the proper guidance of your astrologer, and be clear with the type of puja which is suitable for you.
  • Always ask an astrologer or scholar to know your God or goddess to worship.
  • Keep your mind open and calm.
  • Show your horoscope at least once a year to know what to do in the coming months for success.
  • Ask your astrologer to know about your auspicious day to start the strengths and weaknesses of your personality as per the astrologer. 
  • Do hawan, dann-dachina on a regular basis.
  • Do tarpan on every chaudas or amavasya for the upliftment of your ancestors. 
  • On every special occasion, always take blessings from ancestors, family, God and elders.

Astrology is so deeply incorporated into our culture and life; we follow it our whole life and live according to its plan. Astrologers before were hereditary, but with changing times, the knowledge of astrology is accessible to everyone, and we have the benefit of the services of various vigorous astrologers. Nowadays, it’s not only spiritual or anyone’s humiliation; it’s open for all and becoming more scientifically proven.

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